WHO finds a link between sugary drinks and premature death

It is generally accepted that irreparable harm to healthcarry alcoholic drinks. And if it comes to all kinds of soda and other sweet drinks, then as a rule doctors talk about the development of obesity or diabetes. However, a new study conducted by experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) suggests that consuming just two glasses of dietary drinks (that is, containing sugar rather than sweeteners) per day significantly increases the risk of premature death.

Diet drinks are more dangerous than we think.

Why are sugary drinks dangerous?

Data from a new study were published inJAMA Journal of Internal Medicine. According to our colleagues, more than 450 thousand people from 10 countries of the world took part in the new survey. Scientists have observed all these people for several years. According to a number of parameters, the participants in the experiment were divided into several groups. But most of all scientists were interested in one group of people - those who consumed 2 or more glasses of artificially sweetened drinks on day. As a result, it turned out that it was in this group that mortality rates were significantly higher than in people who did not abuse allegedly safe diet drinks.

However, the authors declare that the relationship betweendiet drinks and mortality rates are also preserved among people with normal weight and other health indicators like cholesterol in the blood. Thus, the authors conclude that it is sugar substitutes contained in the composition of drinks that can be hazardous to health.

As for the numbers, those who consumed 250milliliters or more sugary drinks per day had a 26% higher risk of death over the next 16 years. Moreover, mortality from cardiovascular diseases increased by 52% in the same group of people. The most interesting thing is that people who drank the same amount of drink per day, but drink with natural sugar, had an average higher risk of mortality. He was only 8% higher.

This is interesting: The most popular sweetener turned out to be deadly.

According to study leader Neil Murphy,scientists do not yet understand why this is happening. However, experts have suggested that artificial sweeteners in diet drinks can cause glucose intolerance and thereby increase insulin levels in the blood.

The main idea of ​​our work is to drink water. Avoid sugary drinks and be careful with artificial sweeteners. Water is the safest thing. With tea and coffee, too, everything is in order.

Sweeteners may not be as useful as is commonly believed.

Now scientists intend to study long-termthe health effects of specific sweeteners used in the beverage industry. In particular, experts are interested in the most popular potassium aspartame and acesulfame. Scientists are also worried about the fact that advertising is actively agitating people to switch from sugar to sugar substitutes because it is healthier. But as new research has shown, this is not at all true. And something needs to be done with this.