WhiteShark MixPro scuba scooter designed for an hour of underwater walk (3 photos + video)

Developers Ahead of Summer Vacation SeasonStartups Sublue presented on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform the original, the world's most compact underwater scooter WhiteShark MixPro, which allows you to explore the deep sea for an hour of autonomous swimming.

WhiteShark diving travelerMixPro will be able to reach speeds of up to 6.43 kilometers per hour (1.78 m / s). The battery supports fast charging technology, which allows you to completely restore the energy of a lithium-ion battery in 2 hours. Also, the new device provides a sealed box for attaching a smartphone, there is a connector for an action camera.

The scooter is driven by twoengines, rotating blades, protected by special nets from injuring the owner and ingress of foreign objects and inhabitants of the depths into the working area.

Weight WhiteShark MixPro (with battery) isonly 3.55 kg, and dimensions 465x23x23 mm. Available diving to a depth of 40 meters. The pre-order price for an underwater scooter at Kickstarter is only $ 399 and shipments will begin in June. However, in retail chains, the device will have to pay $ 700 already.

The project organizers have already raised almost 65 thousand dollars three weeks before the completion of the fundraising process and with the necessary 10 thousand dollars to start production.

Source: Kickstarter