Which air purifier to choose in 2022

Microclimate in the living room very important for the well-being of all thosewho is in it. However, it comes down not only to temperature, humidity levels and odors, but also to other factors such as the purity of the air itself. Surely you had to get into rooms where it seems impossible to breathe. But this is a completely ordinary story, when the air is literally full of dust and other weights.Your presence in such a space turns into something destructive and prevents you from feeling comfortable, not to mention staying there to sleep. But it is one thing when you can leave the room where there is simply nothing to breathe, and completely different when it comes to your own home. So you need to choose air purifier.

An air purifier is a device that really works and helps maintain a healthy indoor climate.


  • 1 Air Purifier Disinfector+Humidifier
  • 2 Inexpensive air purifier
  • 3 Supply air cleaner
  • 4 Buy an air ozonizer
  • Should You Buy a Humidifier?

Air Purifier Disinfector+Humidifier

One of the best air purifiers on the market in terms of price / features / convenience is TCL Breeva A3. This is an advanced gadget that combinesadvanced functionality, affordable price and attractive appearance, which is important, given that this contraption will be in your room, and not somewhere on the balcony or mezzanine.

Breeva A3 not only purifies the air, but also sterilizes it

Breeva A3 equipped with HEPA filter H13, which traps 99.97% of suspended particles.It is very important. After all, vacuum cleaners - even washing ones - only clean the floor. And the air purifier drives all the air in the room through itself, catching all the dust particles from it. Additional Breeva Shield TM Anion filtration system makes them seem to stick together and settle inside the case, due to which already purified air comes out of the purifier.

But after all, not only dust and debris can be in the air, but also organic compounds, and even bacteria and viruses. The Breeva A3 can handle them too. It is equipped built-in UV sterilizer, which destroys their DNA and RNA. So, you will be guaranteed to breathe clean and healthy air. After all, many diseases today are transmitted precisely by airborne droplets.

Price: 14 990 rubles

Buy TCL air purifier

In addition to fighting dust, organiccompounds, pathogenic bacteria and viruses, Breeva A3 easily copes with unpleasant odors like tobacco smoke, not to mention cooking odors or something like that. built-in carbon filter coupled with a high-power motor that serves up to 23 sq.m. per hour, they take on this task. Therefore, some people even use cleaners as kitchen hood alternative. After all, the Breeva A3 is much quieter - its white noise level is only 26 dB.

Breeva A3 is not a simple cleaner.It is not only extremely effective in maintaining a healthy indoor climate, but also very smart. Wi-Fi support allows you to control it through the application from anywhere in the world, and compatible with Google Assistant will give the opportunity to give voice commands to the cleaner and create presets. And in moments of downtime, the Breeva A3 will easily play the role of a stylish element of the interior or just a night light.

Inexpensive Air Purifier

If you do not need to service a large room, you can choose this model from Youpin (sub-brand of Xiaomi).This is a compact air purifier, in the design of which its creators are clearly based on solutions from Dyson. Therefore, if you have long wanted to buy something from this brand for yourself, but did not want to spend a lot, perhaps this thing will come in handy for you.

The air purifier from Youpin is very noticeably similar to Dyson. But it costs about 10 times less

but Youpin air purifier differs not only in external attractiveness, but also in advanced features. It is equipped with an air intake element that draws in air 360 degrees around itself, drives it through HEPA filter, separating from suspended particles of dust, debris and bacteria, and then again gives it to the room, but already in a form purified and freed from all kinds of organic compounds.

Price: 2795 rubles

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Because this the purifier is quite compact, its main purpose is individualusage. You can't put one like this in a big room with a lot of people, or in the kitchen, so that it draws in smoke from a steak cooking on a grill pan. But for a small office where only you are sitting, this is the very thing. Put this thing next to your computer and you will feel how the air around you has become cleaner.

Supply air purifier

Many sincerely believe that purifiers cannot be effective without fresh air. If you are one of those who think the same way, the inlet is suitable for you. air purifier from Smartmi. He takes air from the street, pushes it throughbuilt-in filtration system, and then delivers it to the living room, working in recirculation mode. That is, the old - so to speak, exhausted - air, it takes it out into the street and replaces it with a new, fresher one.

This purifier must be taken outside, because it is a supply

The Smartmi purifier is equipped with three-stage filtration system, which delays large, medium and smallparticles of dust, debris and other suspensions and deposits. Thus, even if you live opposite the roadway, you can always breathe clean air without opening the windows and letting the noise and smells of exhaust gases into the apartment. True, keep in mind that for the intake of clean air Smartmi requires wall mounting with the output of a corrugated pipe for air intake by analogy with an air conditioner.

Price: 17,500 rubles (with promo code SPHOME3600)

Supply air purifier

Thanks to the built-in group of high-precision sensors, the purifier Smartmi analyzes the state of the air and changes its mode depending on thiswork, displaying up-to-date information about the microclimate in the room, including temperature, humidity level and other indicators. If necessary, you can set the desired mode yourself or select automatic, and the cleaner will adjust itself to the current conditions.

Buy an air ozonator

In addition to air purifiers, which literally drive it through themselves, filtering out all suspensions, there are also so-called ozonators. For instance, Tinton Life. This device does not filter anything and does not drive air through itself. It does not even have a filter, only a dust collector for coarse dust. But he produces ozone up to 20 g/h and, in fact, acts as an alternative to sterilization. Only in a safer form suitable for domestic use.

The ozone generator does not filter the air, but it disinfects it well

The ozone produced by this device contributes to odor removal indoors and disinfection. Thanks to him, for example, you can disinfect fruits or vegetablesif you're worried it's not enoughwashed them well. After all, few people will wash apples or tomatoes with detergents. And it’s not safe, because if you don’t wash them off, you can only make yourself worse. And the ozone treatment will kill the bacteria and prevent you from getting poisoned.

Price: 2128 rubles

Buy an ozonizer

Another thing is that with such a thing you need to be extremely careful. Too much ozone can harm your health. Therefore, if you use an ozonator, it is betterdo it strictly in accordance with the instructions and do not leave the device running overnight in the room where you are going to sleep. Although Tinton Life has a built-in timer that automatically turns it off, it's best to keep an eye on this and don't leave him unattended.

Should You Buy a Humidifier?

The humidifier does not clean anything, but it “nails” the dust, making it easier to remove it. And it's also quite inexpensive.

As an alternative to purifiers that drive large volumes of air through themselves, some manage to use devices such as humidifiers. From a practical point of view, this may be a reasonable step, although not always. Humidifiers do not filter the air, but they fill it with finely dispersed moisture, which, as it were, captures dust particles and does not allow them to stay in the air anymore.

It is very important that the humidifier could work properly. It is not enough just to evaporate the water and make the floor around you wet from the settled water. The Right Humidifiers turn it into fine particles and sprayed throughout the room, making the air not so dry, but at the same time “nailing” the dust. The Deerma Humidifier DEM-F500 does an excellent job with this task.

Price: 1398 rubles

Buy humidifier

The volume of its tank is 5 liters, and the productivity per hour is 0.3 liters. Thus, a full tank will be enough for him for 16 hours of continuous operation. He can serve premises with an area of ​​30-40 sq.m. So you can easily saturate the lags with air even in a large living room, not to mention the bedrooms, and also take control suspended dust particles. Just let the humidifier work for a few hours, and then clean it - manually or entrust it to a robot vacuum cleaner.

Deerma Humidifier very good because it is inexpensive, and withdoes its job as it should. It does not just soar, but gives out a stream of fine moisture, which saturates the air with moisture, making it more pleasant and soft, which is very important in Russian apartments, where it is usually quite hot due to centralized heating, which makes the air drier and heavier.