Where does the bullet go if shot vertically upwards?

They say that it flies to the top, one day it shoulddescend. Bird or plane. Soccer ball. Bitcoin price. But not all landings are equally safe. What happens if you shoot a pistol into the air? The bullet will fly about a kilometer (depending on the angle and strength of the shot). Reaching the apogee - the highest point of flight - the bullet will begin to fall. Air resistance will slightly slow it down, but bullets are inherently designed to fly through air easily (aerodynamic). Therefore, if such a bullet hits someone after the turn, there is a high probability of murder.

In a rural or desert area the probabilitykill someone is extremely small because few people. But in crowded cities, the likelihood of hitting someone increases dramatically, and people are often killed by stray bullets. This is especially true for countries in which the carrying and use of weapons is practically unlimited. For example, in the USA.

How many people kill random bullets in the US?

Very often, wandering crazy incidentsbullets occur after the festive shooting - when revelers shoot into the air, marking some event. Such bullets end up on the ground, sometimes hitting other people.

About how often this happens, accurate dataNo, but in 2015, an article in The Trace described two cases of the killing of children by falling bullets that were fired into the air during the celebration of Independence Day in 2011 and 2012. In 2004, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention described that on New Year's Eve, crazy bullets resulted in 19 injuries and one death. Most often, they fall into the head, legs and shoulders.

How high can a bullet go up?

Bullet flight path

What happens to a bullet fired straight into the sky? How high can she rise? What stops her and returns to Earth? When and where will it land after turning?

These questions are not so simple. The researchers of ballistics - that is, people who study the movement and trajectory of various projectiles - spent a lot of time studying the movement of a bullet fired horizontally. Because this information is useful to improve accuracy and range. But people shoot in the air by chance, so there’s not much point in studying this type of bullet movement.

Major General Julian Hatcher Decidesput an experiment in Florida and shot into the air from various types of weapons, from rifles to machine guns, trying to measure the time of movement of the bullet and find the place of landing. He calculated that the standard bullet for a .3 caliber hunting rifle will rise to a height of 2743.2 meters in 18 seconds when firing up, and in another 31 seconds it will return to the ground, speeding up to the “almost constant” speed of 91.4 meters per second.

But ballistics expert James Walkersays that the height of the bullet will depend on the type of weapon and projectile, as well as in horizontal shooting. The pistol has a shorter barrel than the rifle, and in the pistol bullets less gunpowder, so they can not rise as high as the bullet from a rifle.

What happens if you shoot in the air? Where do the bullets go?

This is what a 7.62x63 (.30-06) bullet looks like.

Looks like a bullet for an ACP pistol

With horizontal bullet shooting, as a rule,decelerate quickly due to air resistance, and the bullet from the rifle loses half the speed already after 500 meters. When firing up, the slowdown will occur faster due to the force of gravity.

Company Close Focus Research, conductingballistic tests, shows on the graph that the bullet of an ACP pistol can reach a maximum height of 697 meters, whereas the bullet of a .30-06 rifle will reach a height of 3080 meters, which is almost five times higher.

No matter how high in the aira bullet will rise, eventually it will slow to zero and begin to fall to Earth. Form, rotation, speed - all this will affect the change in course. Also, the bullet is unlikely to fall to the point of departure because it will be blown away. Predicting where it will fall is not easy, because no one needs it - the military is too busy improving horizontal shooting.

It is better not to shoot at all just like that. People may suffer. They are not so sweet to have. Read more about how robots kill people.