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Where are the oldest trees in Russia and how old are they?

According to data for 2015, the Earth growsabout 3 trillion trees. Some of them are of historical value because they grew up during the days of great writers and other famous personalities. There are also such trees in Russia, and recently employees from the Center for Wood Expertise "Healthy Forest" published a list of the oldest trees in our country. They told how they managed to determine the exact age of the trees and where they are. The ranking was headed by a 777-year-old larch, referred to as the "Guard of Olkhon". According to the calculations of researchers, it was planted around 1243, when the Russian lands were used by the Mongol-Tatar conquerors. But let's not get ahead of ourselves and take a look at all the trees on this list.

There are a lot of old trees in the world and some of them grow in Russia


  • 1 How to determine the age of a tree?
  • 2 Age of the oldest trees in Russia
    • 2.1 Guardian of Olkhon - 777 years
    • 2.2 Khakass pine - 753 years
    • 2.3 Lone Warrior - 606
    • 2.4 Pskov oak - 598 years old
    • 2.5 Dagestan oak - 508 years old
  • 3 The oldest tree in the world

How to determine the age of a tree?

The most famous way to determine agetrees are considered counting rings. As a rule, one ring is formed inside each tree in one year. Dark rings form in summer and light rings in spring. Thus, by counting the number of dark and light rings on a tree felling, you can determine its age. However, this method involves cutting down a tree, so it was not suitable for studying historically important trees. The researchers even gave up on the use of the Pressler drill, which allows you to take a sample of wood from the bark to the middle and count the number of rings without cutting.

Tree growth rings

Age of the oldest trees in Russia

For determining the age of the oldest treesthe researchers used the devices "Resistograph" and "Arbotom". Both tools allow you to locate rot in wood, which is usually useful for determining the safety of older structures. However, within the framework of the project, Russian scientists used the obtained data to determine the exact age of trees without causing severe damage to them.

Olkhon Guard

Khakass pine - 753 years old

The oldest pine tree in Russia grows inOrdzhonikidze forestry of the Republic of Khakassia. There is no detailed information about her, but she also looks very old and tall. Given her age, it can be assumed that she began to grow during the Mongol Empire.

Khakass pine

Lonely Warrior - 606

The pine tree, referred to as the "Lonely Warrior", also growson the island of Olkhon. The height of this tree is about 15 meters, that is, it is higher than the "Guard of Olkhon". On the side of the trunk, there are two large and thick branches, which eventually sank down under their own weight. The tree began to grow during the time of the Great Moscow principality, when the population of the Earth for the second time in history was about 500 million people.

Lonely warrior

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Pskov oak - 598 years

The oldest oak tree in Russia is located on the territoryone of the monasteries in the Pskov region. It was planted long before the construction of this monastery, so researchers believe that it saw a lot. It survived several wars and still remains intact, although it really looks very old.

Pskov oak

Dagestan oak - 508 years old

And this oak is located on the territory of Rutulskydistrict of the Republic of Dagestan. This tree is perhaps the tallest of those mentioned, because it is 26 meters high. However, he is also the "youngest" on the list.

Dagestan oak

The oldest tree in the world

But there are places in the world where many grows at onceold trees. For example, on the territory of Sweden there is Mount Fulu, where pines of several thousand years old grow. According to the calculations of researchers, one of them recently turned about a thousand years old. The most interesting thing is that there are several more record-breaking trees next to it. Ancient people must have sat in their shadow long ago. Also, animals clearly walked next to them, which at the moment have already become extinct.

Pine Methuselah

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But the oldest tree in the world is pine.Methuselah. In 2020, he turned 4850 years old. It grows in the Inio National Forest in the east of the US state of California. However, the exact location of the tree has not been disclosed so that no one can find or damage it. It must be under protection. It is noteworthy that the Methuselah pine was discovered only in 1953, and before that no one suspected the existence of such an old tree.