When is the end of the world? Some fresh predictions

In the Middle Ages, people lived not just in fear, theywere ready to die literally every day. There were more than enough reasons: from the barbarians who would burn the village down to epidemics and pagan omens. Now it’s easier for us, since we can explain almost all the strange phenomena that surround us. Nevertheless, information periodically appears that we are again ending. We survived the year 2012, about which many spoke. Could we relax? Not! When do we wait for the next end of the world? We have several predictions, and perhaps this will happen very soon.

Our end can be so colorful

“Do you believe in the end of the world, because I believe in itme? ”- I would like to ask you, but I will not. I do not believe in the end of the world, in its usual sense. I do not deny that an event may occur that will destroy all life, possibly together with the planet. It just seems to me stupid to count on this, since the chances of dying alone are significantly higher than waiting for a huge asteroid. Although, sooner or later, our planet will definitely come to an end, simply not during our life, which is insignificant in the scale of the Universe.


  • 1 What will be the end of the world?
  • 2 End of the world in 2019
  • 3 End of the world in 2029
  • 4 End of the world in 2040
  • 5 End of the world in 2060
  • 6 End of the world in 4155
  • 7 What other forecasts of the end of the world are there?
  • 8 My personal doomsday

What will be the end of the world?

If you notice, then the end of the world is usuallyrepresent either in the form of something abstract, or they specifically tell us that a celestial body will kill us. At the same time, few spoke about the pandemic of unknown viruses, which we are a step away from, or about a nuclear war, as a sign of the imminent start of which last year even changed the doomsday clock.

Good to know: How will temperature + 48 ° C change cities on Earth?

Anything can kill us. The main thing is that the end of the world is a common idiom, which means a real, or imaginary, threat of the cessation of the existence of all people, civilizations, all of humanity, the Earth, or even the whole Universe. In a narrower sense - the destruction of all life.

The key word is "the destruction of all living things." And in this matter we ourselves are doing very well. Therefore, waiting for the end of the world from the outside is more strange than from the inside.

And now let's talk about which options for the end of the world and for which dates we are predicted in the very near future. Strange, but not as many as it seems.

The end of the world in 2019

Not so long ago, this summer, was supposed to beend of the world, but it passed somehow imperceptibly. Someone predicted it, but the media did not promote this prediction at the proper level. As it turned out, not in vain. If you heard about him - handsome! Write about it in our Telegram chat. We will discuss how to live on.

Despite the fact that we went dry with their water, inthis year we are waiting for another end of the world. It is scheduled for December 21, 2019. The scientist, whose name is David Montain (I also don’t know this), after studying the ancient records, came to the conclusion that we misunderstood the Mayan calendar and the end of the world should be on the day he predicted.

It is on this day that the maximumimpact on Earth from other planets. According to him, this will lead to the fact that large-scale cataclysms will begin on the planet, and cities will be destroyed in just a few days. Because of this, people and other living organisms will begin to die. Probably, except for cockroaches. These bastards will survive anyone.

Another end of the world in 2019 is scheduled for December 26. To be precise, at 5:18 Moscow time. Do not oversleep!

In the photo, an annular eclipse is an extremely beautiful sight

This time, the forecast marked Englishconspiracy therapist David Mead. It was he who promised a summer end of the world, about which I spoke above. As we see, “the bet didn’t play”, like many of his other forecasts earlier. Now he sets it on December 26, citing as confirmation a circular solar eclipse. It will be visible to residents of Primorye, Transbaikalia, Sumatra, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and southern India.

It is worth noting that this time the terrible forecast is shared by three more “prophets” - Hal Lindsay, Gene Dixon and Michael Flipp. Since there are so many, it’s probably worth believing?

Some time ago, the prophecy of Matrona of Moscow appeared on the Internet. She also predicted the Apocalypse for precisely 2019. But she did not name specific dates.

The end of the world in 2029

Fast forward 10 years and see what can kill all life in 2029. This time it will be an asteroid - that same destroyer from space.

There is no mysticism - only the calculations of astronomers, which, of course, need to be double-checked. The asteroid we are talking about is called Apophis. Surely, many have heard of him.

The maximum approach of the asteroid to Earthwill be held in 2029. The distance will indeed be very small and amount to only 40,000 km. This is equal to the length of the equator and five times less than the distance to our moon. Employees of the Nikolaev Astronomical Observatory do speak about a distance of 32,000 km. It looks really a little frightening, but there is still a lot of time ahead for some variables to interfere with the trajectories of the bodies. Therefore, do not panic once again.

Another colorful resolution script

Moreover, representatives of NASA argue thatclash in 2029 is ruled out. He should be back in 2036, but according to their version, the probability of a collision will be so small that this is also not worth talking about. At the same time, they noted that in the future there is a chance of an asteroid colliding with the Earth, but this will certainly not happen sooner than after a few centuries.

If the pessimists are right, and the collision is stilltake place, then it really can destroy all life. The impact force will have the equivalent of 800 MT. For comparison, the Tunguska meteorite was estimated at about 25-30 Mt, and the explosion in Hiroshima was only 18 Mt.

The end of the world in 2040

The 2040th year, we are afraid of physicists from the famousMassachusetts Institute of Technology. They created a computer program that issued a forecast that the history of human civilization should end in 2040. As she understood this, it remains a mystery, so we move on.

The end of the world in 2060

The next forecast is to thank Newton. The same Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered the laws of gravity and got an apple on his head. In particular, The Daily Star wrote about the find in his writings.

But there is also the mysterious Nibiru, which has been scaring us for many years

Speaking literally, in one of the works of a scientistit is written that in 2060 the Universe is waiting for a “new beginning”. Think yourself what this record can mean, but the great scientist (without irony) said his word. What he meant by this, one can only guess.

Sir Isaac Newton

The end of the world in 4155

The world is constantly changing. In it, temperature rises and falls occur, which no one can predict, but despite this, on the How Will The World End portal, as one of the doomsday scenarios, it is precisely the temperature rise option.

The forecast is based on the fact that now the temperatureon Earth rises by about 0.2 degrees in 10 years. Using simple calculations, they came to the conclusion that after 2136 years the temperature will rise by about 44 degrees. This will be enough to flood all the continents and wipe all life from the face of the Earth. Only some marine inhabitants can survive.

It seems to me alone that taking statistics forseveral decades, to correlate it for 2000 years ahead is a little illogical? During this time, the rate of temperature increase can change, and we can leave the planet by going to suck out juices from another world.

What other forecasts of the end of the world are there?

The end of the world is like YouTube. Everyone can try their hand and express their opinion. Someone promises him right away, someone says that while you can live in peace, and someone has a small end of the world every Monday. All this is relative and unprovable. When it gets banged, then it gets bummed.

It is simply impossible to collect all opinions, therefore I have brought some of the most popular and flickering in the press. Everyone has questions, but it is precisely these opinions that have at least some popularity.

On the other hand, all these predictions are a lottery. We bet, but in the lottery we understand that the chance to hit the jackpot is minimal, and when it comes to something bad, we believe in even less likelihood.

My personal doomsday

I’ll add some lyrics at the end and tell you how Isurvived the end of the world. Nothing special, just a funny coincidence. My colleagues and I went on December 21, 2012 at the lunch break to the store. Nothing boded of anything unusual, except for the doomsday planned by the ancient Mayans for this day (although they themselves did not plan anything, it was the scientists who deciphered their calendar).

Far from the fact that the ancient Mayans said something about the end of the world

We stand in line at the checkout, joking about the upcomingapocalypse, and then the lights go out all over the store. And it was not a stall, but a large chain store with large halls. Believe it or not, but there was such a coincidence. Since then, we have our own joke that we survived the end of the world. That’s what the ends of the world that scare us look like. Think less about it and just enjoy life. It is also fleeting without the end of the world.

In conclusion, I want to add that I did not want anyonehurt his sarcasm-saturated article. I understand that someone will believe and fear this, but you really should not take the threat of extinction of all mankind seriously. At least on specific dates.