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When can exchanging a broken equipment for a new one be cheaper than repair?

Elon Musk has not just worked for the past 10 yearsto reuse the first stage of the Falcon rocket after each flight. If you already have a well-developed stage at your disposal, you can refine it and send it back into space, which will be much cheaper than building a new rocket for each launch. This story applies to almost any equipment - for example, repairing a washing machine is cheaper than buying a new one. The same thing happened with phones for a long time: I replaced the screen for 5 thousand rubles, and you do not need to buy a new smartphone for 20 thousand. However, with the development of technology, much has changed: now buying a new phone is often cheaper than repairing it.

Musk would definitely approve of such savings.

How did this happen? In fact, the answer is simple - the steeper the technology, the more expensive it costs. Previously, IPS screens were installed in the same iPhones, which Vasya could replace from the basement service. And now, in most smartphones, OLED displays are installed, and if this is broken too much, the repair will cost 25-30 thousand rubles. The problem is that the original accessories for such phones are very difficult to find, and they are quite expensive.

And here something clicks in my head: for 30 thousand rubles you can buy a good new phone! It is, but if, for example, you used the iPhone 11 Pro, and then you take the iPhone 7, the difference will be significant. I would not want to do such a “downgrade”. However, using services such as Greatsteve, you can get a completely new same smartphone at the price of its repair. And there they change not only the faulty iPhone, but also the broken smart watches Apple Watch for the same new ones, and even the iPad.

Exchange Apple Watch for new

Not so long ago I broke the screen on my Apple WatchSeries 4, and it became simply impossible to use them. If the iPhone display can still be damaged "partially", then here pieces of glass literally fell off the screen.

Very painful breakdown for hours

Letting out a tearful tear, he started phoning services,where you can repair the Apple Watch, and the minimum price I put forward 15 thousand rubles. We are talking about official services - you can, of course, repair a little less well-known service, but there is a risk that after such a repair you will need one more. In Greatsteve, they are replacing the broken Apple Watch Series 4 with new ones for 11 thousand rubles, and faulty Apple Watch Series 5 - for 13 thousand rubles. And for this money I will not get repaired watches, but brand new ones.

Why repair an old Apple Watch if new ones can be bought cheaper?

After I leave a request, with methe manager will contact, specify the details and agree on the day and time of arrival of the service employee. If there is no Greatsteve representative in the city, a courier service representative will pick up the device. No need to pay - only after receiving a new Apple Watch in exchange for faulty ones. Departure of the employee or courier too free. You can pay for the exchange both in cash and by credit card.

But what, in fact, is “business” here? Few people know, but Apple has an official program to exchange damaged devices for new ones. For Apple, this is a kind of way to dispose of a defective Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad. Service centers have access to this program. They just send the broken gadget to Apple (apparently, getting some “buns” for it), and in return they send them a new iPhone, in factory films and with a guarantee that is issued to the owner in return for the damaged phone. Services such as Greatsteve operate on their proven channels, and can arrange everything so that exchanging an iPhone for the end user will ultimately cost less than repairing it.

Exchange a broken iPhone for a new one

Therefore, in a similar way, you can, for example, change faulty iPhone on the same new. Choose the model of your faulty smartphone,the amount of memory where you bought it (from an official reseller / abroad / just in the online store), and also indicate whether the repair was performed. All this further affects the price that will need to be paid to exchange a broken iPhone for a new one.

Select a model from the proposed list.

The purchase price of an old telephone depends on these issues.

We fix a malfunction (suddenly, not only the screen is broken on the phone, but also the rear window too), and after that we will immediately find out how much it will be necessary to pay for a new smartphone.

Not necessarily the phone may have a broken screen - it may simply not turn on

The cost of exchanging iPhone XS for a new one

23 thousand rubles - for so much you can replace the iPhone XS with a brokendisplay to a new one. In the service, replacing only one display (with the original, of course) will cost about 20 thousand rubles. Perhaps it’s easier to pay another 3 thousand rubles and use new iPhone. He will have a new battery, no chips and scuffs that inevitably occur when using the phone. And Apple’s warranty, which can be checked by the serial number of the phone.

And in the case of the iPhone 11 Pro, exchanging for a new one is cheaper than repair. Not even in the official service center, replacing the broken screen of the iPhone 11 Pro will cost 30 thousand rubles, and here they offer to exchange it for a new phone, paying 27 thousand rubles.

Repair iPhone 11 Pro will be more expensive by 3 thousand rubles

You can also choose one of two options: pick up immediately or within 10 days. If you can spend several days without a phone, it is better to choose the second option, so you can save. By the way, for buyers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Belgorod, Tula and Stavropol at the time of exchange, the company provides a replacement iPhone for free (iPhone 7 and later).

Exchange of faulty equipment for a new one works throughout Russia, so you can leave a request on the site now. Try to calculate the benefits yourself!

Exchange defective equipment for new