When all the glaciers melt, we will not recognize the planet (video)

Global warming leads to gradual meltingglaciers. Enthusiasts tried to imagine what would happen if all existing glaciers melt, how it would affect the configuration of the continents, and how it threatens humanity.

Previously, NASA made a forecast of the inevitable rise in the level of the oceans by 90 cm. However, with the melting of all glaciers, the level will rise by 65 meters.
Located in the coastal lowland area of ​​Veniceand St. Petersburg will be covered with water first. Flooding the densely populated ports of Calcutta and Shanghai will lead not only to human casualties, but also to the loss of economic centers. Florida, Mumbai, Dakar, Sydney, New Orleans and other major cities will also be under water.

Melting glaciers completely destroythe infrastructure of seaports and the trade system between continents will have to be rebuilt. Fundamentally have to revise the fishing industry. Water will cover a large part of the fertile land, and, therefore, will have to restructure agriculture and the entire food sector of the global economy.