WhatsApp started sending messages to users to keep them from leaving for competitors

WhatsApp leadership realizing their mistakethe reckless announcement of a change in user agreement, continues to try to convince users to maintain the confidentiality of private correspondence. Earlier, after the announcement of WhatsApp's plans to transfer some information to other Facebook companies, many users left the messenger and switched to using competing messaging applications Signal and Telegram. WhatsApp was forced to postpone the introduction of the update from February to May and begin an explanatory work regarding the security of the innovations.

Now WhatsApp has started spreading messages toStatus with assurances of its "commitment to your privacy". It also claims that the recent update has generated "a lot of misinformation and confusion," but WhatsApp claims that the principle of protecting the privacy and security of users remains at the heart of the messenger.

In the future, WhatsApp will distribute in Statusinformation about the upcoming update, and in its first statement, the company claims that neither WhatsApp nor Facebook "can see your private messages because they are end-to-end encrypted."

“One thing remains unchanged is our commitment to your privacy,” WhatsApp said in a message.

Source: theverge