WhatsApp has a flaw that allows you to spy on users (2 photos)

Another security flaw in whatsapp wasdetected by developers. Hackers could establish surveillance of any user using an ordinary call on a smartphone under Android or iOS via an instant messenger. In this case, the victim could not even answer the call.

At the time of the call is downloadingspecial spyware application NSO Pegasus, carrying out surveillance by collecting data on the user's location, incoming messages, photos and videos, recordings from the camera and microphone. The call from hackers is hidden in the history of WhatsApp messages, which complicates the process of identifying the fact of hacking.

According to available information, such a vulnerabilityused the company NSO Group from Israel, offering special software to the Middle Eastern special services. The company allegedly tried to track a lawyer from England working in a case against a given Israeli bureau. However, the NSO Group does not agree with the accusations and as a proof of their words, they assist the investigators in investigating the crime.

According to WhatsApp developers, the vulnerability has now been fixed with the help of the WhatsApp messenger update 2.19.51 of 13 May. The new version is relevant for Android and iOS smartphones.