WhatsApp got scared of user churn and backed down

Recent update announcementuser agreements of the world's largest messenger WhatsApp, caused a storm of indignation from users concerned about the safety of confidential information. WhatsApp listened to the opinions of customers and decided to postpone the implementation of the new rules to May 2021, for a more detailed explanation of the reasons and consequences of the introduction of the updated agreement.

Users were originally required to acceptnew agreements until February 8th. Otherwise, their WhatsApp accounts were subject to blocking. The new rules fixed the right of WhatsApp to transfer personal data of users to other Facebook applications.

User reaction after WhatsApp announcementforced the company to change its approach to updating, as customers began to actively switch to other similar platforms, including Telegram and Signal messengers. Thus, the Telegram user base in the first 72 hours after the announcement of WhatsApp increased by 25 million people and exceeded half a billion active customers.

As a result, WhatsApp decided to postponedeadlines for the adoption of new agreements on May 15. The postponement will be used by the company to clarify the company's policy and refute the "false rumors" around the innovation. WhatsApp said in a statement released last Friday that the messenger has decided to extend the deadline for adopting the new rules and blocking accounts from February 8.

The deferral will be used by WhatsApp forrefuting rumors "about the principles of confidentiality and security of communication." Until May 15, users will receive detailed explanations of the reasons and consequences of the introduction of new agreements, which will also begin on this date.

WhatsApp's latest statement indicates thatinformation about the introduction of new rules led to the appearance of false comments and rumors. The company declares that the innovation will not affect users' personal correspondence, which will be protected by end-to-end encryption, and will not be stored on Facebook servers. WhatsApp says that after the introduction of the update, users will receive new opportunities when communicating with companies to develop commercial activities through the messenger. In this case, the confidentiality of correspondence will not be violated.

Source: whatsapp