What you need to know about fires in Brazil?

Talks about fires in Siberia didn’t stop,whose forests are still burning today, and the total area is comparable to the territory of Belgium, the world community is extremely concerned about the fires in Brazil. And there are many reasons for this. According to NASA experts, since the beginning of 2019, about 70 thousand fires have been recorded in the world, most of which are in the Amazon. Moreover, experts from the American space agency recently published images taken with the Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS), which indicate an increase in the amount of carbon monoxide in the Earth’s atmosphere. And this is only half the trouble.

A photograph of our planet using an Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS), NASA. Red indicates carbon dioxide in the planet’s atmosphere.

Amazon River Basin

Amazon Rainforest -the largest in the world. Not only Latin America, but the entire planet breathes the oxygen that produces this jungle. The forest area of ​​the Amazon basin is 5% of the total land surface. Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Colombia share among themselves the territory of the most extensive forests on Earth. This territory is so large that it can only be fully seen from space.

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Amazonian wildlife is incrediblevariety. For example, there are more species of fish alone in the Amazon River than in the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, the directors of many horror films about piranhas and alligators were inspired by the inhabitants of this river. The sleeves and tributaries of the Amazon are home to the Brazilian giant otter, flying fish, called wedge-trunks and even giant white sturgeons.

In the photo, the burning Amazon jungle

In the Amazon jungle, life is also famous.its diversity. It is in these forests that the largest number of hummingbirds live in the world, and Ara parrots make up their company. There also lives the smallest bear in the world - Tremarctos ornatus or spectacled bear. And what is the well-known anaconda - the Amazon jungle is her home.

People also inhabit the pool of this amazing river. Numerous tribes retain their uniqueness and traditions for many years. Moreover, the peoples living in the Amazon are the last non-contact tribes on the planet. Unfortunately, their well-being over the past decades has been threatened by lumberjacks, pastoralists, and gold miners who evict indigenous peoples from their lands.

As you can see, the value of the Amazon jungle for the entire planet is difficult to overestimate. The sadder the fires devastating these beautiful lands look.

What threatens the loss of the Amazon?

Note that when the new president of Brazil, JairBolsonaru took office, he immediately announced that like US President Donald Trump does not believe in climate change. And judging by the fact that he was in no hurry to put out the fires, he was not very concerned about the well-being of the Amazon.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaru amid burning forests

Some scientists believe that part of the problemlies in the fact that most of the world leaders today share the feelings of Bolsonarow. The reputation of the new leader of Brazil is mixed. His opponents reproach Bolsonar for his commitment to business interests, which, like no other, are interested in Amazon resources. And not so long ago, Bolsonaru compared the indigenous people of the Amazon basin with animals that live in the zoo.

To date, Emmanuel Macron has proposedBrazil help to extinguish fires. The situation is such that the French president seems to be the only one of the world leaders who understands what threatens the world with the loss of the Amazon jungle. In the meantime, the Brazilian president makes high-profile statements, the world is losing “light planets,” as the Amazon is often called.

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Amazon destruction perhaps much moredangerous than weapons of mass destruction. And we all know very well that when it comes to the latter, world leaders are showing unprecedented interest. Meanwhile, the consequences of the unfolding disaster, which will destroy a huge number of species and accelerate the worst climate crisis, will last forever.

In the photo, representatives of the noncontact Amazon tribes

It is known that more than 300 have already been lost forever.species of flora and fauna. What is happening now with the tropical forests and jungles of the region threatens the ecosystem of the planet. Large-scale deforestation of the Amazon for agricultural needs has already managed to cause irreparable damage to our planet.

Why are forests burning?

According to the Institute for Environmental StudiesAmazons precisely deforestation is the main cause of an unprecedented number of fires. Scientists report that the forest is set on fire specifically to clean up territories, so the cause of fires is not in drought.

And Jair Bolsonaru, meanwhile, said that fires are arranged by those who fight against them. Do you think the Amazon forests will be put out or will we lose most of them?