What will do the artificial intelligence, who won the people in poker

Just a few days ago we were tellingtell you about the first artificial intelligence that beat five professional poker players at once. Despite the statement that AI will be used for completely different needs and the card game was just a test, there was no detail as to why such artificial intelligence was needed. However, we did not have to wait long and the editorial office of Science recently told us why a new artificial intelligence was created. It is needed to save human lives.

Why artificial intelligence will save humanity

Recall that the AI ​​was named Pluribus andIt was developed by staff at Carnegie Mellon University and Facebook specialists. And at first glance, the connection between potential life-saving and good poker performance is not traced. But this is only at first glance.

“It's all about strategy,” says Dr. PurushAyer, one of the developers of AI. “The limiting factor of AI has always been scalability (i.e. the ability to deal with an increasing number of tasks). Poker is an example of how mathematical models can be used to develop strategies for situations in which we do not have complete information about what is happening, however, we must calculate the most advantageous position. ”

Based on these words, you might think that the mainthe use of AI is a military field. Tasks for planning, exploration and placement. In part, this is the case and the use of AI in the military sector is not excluded, but scientists want to use AI for completely different purposes. Due to the unique algorithms of the artificial intelligence Pluribus, it can be used to conduct extremely accurate and most reliable "biocontrol". And thanks to this technology, you can cure a lot of severe conditions. Including cancer.

What is biofeedback and why does it help cure cancer?

In simple terms, biofeedback isobtained by modeling the optimal treatment plan of a disease. That is, the machine is “fed” the patient's health data and, at the end, gives recommendations for taking medications and general treatment tactics. Biofeedback is used now to fight cancer, autoimmune diseases or serious infectious conditions.

Only there is one problem: modern algorithms work only with the data that they "know". That is, with those that were previously entered. They cannot work with data that they do not know. Pluribus solves this problem, as it is able to predict the outcome of events with incredible accuracy and maximum profit.

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That is, roughly speaking, the system just needs“Reconfigure” and change its goal from “win maximum money” to “maximize life.” And if with not so smart systems as Pluribus, doctors achieve good results, then thanks to the new AI the data will be even better, and the number of lives saved is much more.

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