What will be the new passports of the Russian Federation and what are the advantages (2 photos)

Ubiquitous high technologyrequires cardinal changes in personal identification using passports. The Russian government approved the concept of transition from the outdated paper form factor to more progressive types of documents. Russians will be able to receive two types of passports: a plastic card with a built-in chip and in a virtual form on a special mobile application.

Specialists involved in electronicPassporting Russians said that in addition to a plastic card with a chip, citizens can voluntarily install a special application on smartphones. Access to personal data of citizens will allow to know its digital profile, and an electronic signature will allow to certify legal documents requiring identification.

The issuance of the first electronic passports will beginone year from July 2020. In paper format, passports will cease to be issued in 2023. The final transition to digital passports will be completed by the end of 2028.

The developers note that one of the mainThe functions of the new documents is the prompt and accurate identification of citizens by the police, for which you can simply enter the application through the Unified Identification and Authentication System (ESIA). Personal data of citizens will be encrypted in the format of a QR code or NFC tags. In the case when a citizen does not have a smartphone, a police officer will be able to use his mobile device.

Officials responsible for the process of digital passporting note that electronic passports are necessary for the effective work of ESIA, the portal of public services. The cost of the program is estimated at 144 million rubles.