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What will be the new Moskvich cars?

In mid-May 2022, it became known thatthe former Moscow Renault plant will resume assembly of Moskvich cars. It is known that at first the engineers will be engaged in the production of models with internal combustion engines, and then they will arrange the assembly of electric models. The news about the revival of the Soviet brand was very sudden and many people had a question - what will the new models look like? At the dawn of its existence in 1930, the Moscow plant "Moskvich" was engaged in the production of official copies of American Ford-A cars. Looks like he'll be doing the same thing again soon. There is evidence that the plant management is already negotiating with the Chinese companies JAC and BYD to localize existing models. Let's take a look at the main candidates that may appear in Russia under the legendary brand.

Soon, "Moskvich" will appear on the roads again. What will they be?


  • 1 Moskvich's partnership with Chinese companies
  • 2 "Muscovites" based on JAC and BYD cars
    • 2.1 JAC iEV7S
    • 2.2 BYD e2
    • 2.3 BYD F3
  • 3 The return of the classic Muscovites

Moskvich partnership with Chinese companies

For starters, it's worth getting to know JAC and BYD, because many people hear about them for the first time.

The Chinese company JAC Motors was founded in1999 and is listed among the top five car factories in China. In addition to cars, it is engaged in the production of buses. Production capacities allow the company to produce up to 500,000 pieces of equipment per year. In addition to cars, JAC factories produce loaders, dump trucks, concrete mixers, and so on.

JAC Motors factory in Hefei city

The Chinese company BYD is also young - it wasfounded in 1995 with only 30 employees. But the company developed very quickly, the number of personnel was constantly growing, and at the moment several dozen cars have been produced under its brand. In 2010, BYD announced its intention to become the leading electric vehicle brand.

Chinese company BYD factory


"Muscovites" based on JAC and BYD cars

Official data on what will be the newMoskvich cars, currently not. But there is an assumption that at first the plant will produce modifications of existing machines from JAC and BYD customized for the inhabitants of Russia. There are three models that are most suitable for localization.

What will be the future "Moskvich"?


JAC iEV7S electric car wasintroduced to the world in 2017 and three years later became available in Russia. This model was supplied to our country from Kazakhstan and was considered one of the most affordable electric vehicles - judging by the data from dealers, it costs from 2 million rubles. The car is equipped with an electric motor with a capacity of 115 horsepower and a battery that allows you to cover a distance of 280 kilometers on a single charge. How exactly the localization will affect the appearance and performance of the JAC iEV7S is not clear. But if the model is assembled at the Moskvich plant, the price may drop.

JAC iEV7S car

BYD e2

Another candidate for release under the Moskvich brandis a Chinese BYD e2 hatchback. It was introduced in 2019 and is also electric. There are models with two different batteries, which differ in volume and provide a range of up to 405 kilometers. There is support for fast charging, thanks to which the battery is charged by 50% in 30 minutes. In Russia, this model is currently not available, but if it appears, it can cost several times cheaper than the car from JAC mentioned above.

BYD e2 car


The BYD F3 sedan was already sold in Russia in the 2000syears. Over time, it was improved and in its current form it has existed since 2016. Unlike the models mentioned above, it comes with two petrol engines with a capacity of 109 horsepower. Considering that it is not electric, the cost may surprise even more than other candidates. It is possible that the BYD F3 model will be localized in the first place, because the Moskvich plant will not start producing electric vehicles immediately.

BYD F3 car

There is also an opinion that at the Moskvich plantRenault crossovers will be produced - the Duster, Kaptur and Arkana models are already well localized for Russia. This means that our engineers are already familiar with their design, so they can quickly assemble and repair them.


The return of the classic Muscovites

Some people have suggested thatthe Moscow plant will again begin to produce classic models like the Moskvich-408. Indeed, it would be very interesting to see retro cars on the roads. But such an outcome is unlikely, because the old production equipment has long been destroyed. In addition, it would be a very risky move - it is unlikely that everyone will decide to buy a car with a radio and a couple of other old gadgets.

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