What to watch in October: 2 films and 2 series

In fact, in October, first of all, you need to look through the peephole, and secondly - into the mailbox,

thirdly - to the window, and fourthly - behind the statecar (is it ready for the road, is it conveniently parked, are the wheels pumped up). If the above does not appeal to you, then you should carefully read useful books about survival in the open, hugging a cat or dog.

And at the very end, if there is absolutely nothing to do,you can watch series and movies online. On the other hand, watching a movie or series will not be superfluous. It helps to switch, relax, calm down, because the news is pouring in such a stream that it’s time to choke. Remembering "Fight Club", the spirit animal that lives in my cave is a sea lion: I want to spank with flippers and yell.

Well, if you are interested in the title, then the answer is in the conclusion.

Table of Contents

  • "Era of Survival"
  • "DMZ"
  • Glitch / "Glitch"
  • The Midnight Club
  • "Night Werewolf"
  • Avenue 5 / "Avenue 5"
  • "Grimcutty" / Grimcutty
  • Exception / "Exception"
  • "Shantaram"
  • The Peripheral / "Peripherals"
  • Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Conclusion

"Era of Survival"

When: already

Considering that practically nothing interesting comes out in cinemas, it is necessary to highlight potentially interesting films. And then there's fantasy. The description of the movie sounds interesting:

"Land of the future.Humanity is on the verge of extinction. Although technology has reached an incredibly high level, people every day fight for their lives with nature, which has evolved and turned into a ruthless killer. Restoring balance and tipping the scales that hold the fate of the entire human species - that's what the 13-year-old girl Vesper has to do.

The film decided to note and for the reason that it comes with a rating of 16+, that is, in theory, you can expect a harsh and tough story. All the better!


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When: already

Amediatek hosts the fantastic TV series DMZ.It's short for "demilitarized zone". A series based on comics about the world of the future, in which there is a civil war between the United States and the Free Armies. There is only one zone without weapons in the country, which is not controlled by anyone, and this is the center of New York. Fantasy, apocalypse, a beautiful picture - everything we love. From the trailer, of course, it is noticeable that the budget was slightly lacking. But let's not quibble. If someone is already watching the series, then share your impressions in the comments.

Glitch / "Glitch"

When: October 7th

In the old days, I would have passed by the side of the series,but Netflix has taught that the Korean series released on the service are almost always, if not hits, then a solid product. And this series also has an intriguing plot. The Korean boyfriend of the Korean girl (this happens because it takes place in Korea) disappears in a flash of light. Trying to find him, the girl begins an investigation, during which she encounters a group of UFO witnesses.

In theory, it should be good and interesting.Last October, a Korean series similar in mystical mystery was released about demons from hell killing their victims. By the way, I'm looking forward to the second season, even more than the notorious "Squid".

The Midnight Club

When: October 7th

Another horror movie for Halloween. This pagan holiday is indifferent to us, but no one will refuse good horror films.

The plot looks like this.A group of terminally ill teenagers gather in the basement of the hospital and tell scary stories to each other. Along the way, they make a promise that the dead will have to try to contact the still living members of the "night owls" club.

To be honest, of course, it's annoying that all theseteenagers, who, do not forget, should be terminally ill, look in the frame as hefty horses, which should not be in a hospital, but somewhere in a factory.

"Night Werewolf"

When: October 7th

Disney + is also not far behind and will launch on October 7horror movie based on Marvel comics. The film was shot in the retro genre. Kind of a mix of noir and frankenstein. Nothing is clear from the trailer, to be honest, it doesn’t even catch on. However, it is often these releases, from which you expect nothing, that turn out to be the most interesting.

Avenue 5 / "Avenue 5"

When: October 10

I haven't even watched the first season, but it comes out on October 10already the second. The series is notable for three reasons. First of all, Dr. House is playing here. Second, it's fantastic. Third, it's a comedy. In the story, the unlucky captain of a space cruiser has lost his course.

The first season was released back in 2020 and, as they say, gathered a lot of positive feedback. The first season in Russia was shown by Amediateka.

"Grimcutty" / Grimcutty

When: October 10

Another typical autumn horror movie about a certain monster that appeared from social networks. Apparently, right at the headquarters of Facebook * Zuckerberg personally did.

Exception / "Exception"

When: October 13

Formally, I am against any anime movements andanime drawings. But several factors came together. First, a fantastic dystopian plot. In the distant future, people were forced to leave Earth and move to another galaxy. A forward detachment of spaceships arrives on a planet to be populated. Each team member is printed on a biological 3D printer. And then the action begins. Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, at least it's intriguing.

Secondly, Yoshitaka Amano is responsible for the visual component here. This is the artist-designer who made Final Fantasy.

So there is hope that it will turn out to be curious and unbanal.


Vladimir Nimin

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When: October 14

For me, Shantaram is perhaps the main seriesmonth. At one time, I really liked the book, and I undertook to monitor when they make a film adaptation. At first, there were rumors about Johnny Depp, but time passed, Depp was getting old, and there was no film, then they said that there would be some other actor, then everything died out. But in 2019, Apple intervened, looking for heartfelt and powerful stories.

Charlie Hunnam from Sons ofAnarchy" and "Gentlemen". Initially, according to the plot, the hero is a little over 30, and Charlie is already over 40, but nothing. In addition, the actor slightly resembles Gregory Roberts, the author of Shantaram, which is, in fact, a romanticized autobiography.

Let's see what happens. As always, the book will be better, but as they say, the attempt is not torture.

The Peripheral / "Peripherals"

When: October 21

Hmm, frankly, with a new series on"Lord of the Rings" at Amazon Prime did not work out. With great difficulty, I mastered the first series. The girl so generally about the middle asked to go to another room. Well, this is how it usually happens: they wanted the best, but it turned out as always.

At the end of October, Amazon Prime should pleasenew series from the creators of Westworld. It will be fantastic again. Nothing is clear from the trailer. The main character puts on some kind of virtual reality headset, and then a video sequence with allusions to the "Throne", "The Matrix" and the inscription "Based on a novel by William Gibson." Gibson's 1984 novel Neuromancer, by the way, I recently recommended you read in the context of the series based on the Cyberpunk 2077 universe. This is the work from which all modern cyberpunk fiction has grown.

"Peripherals" is also a novelGibson. I have not read it, as the book is relatively recent - it was released in 2014. I don’t know how the series will turn out in the end, but I’ll definitely read the book. And I recommend you.

Guillermo del Toro's Cabinet of Curiosities

When: October 24

At the end of September, Halloween is celebrated in the USA, sono wonder the number of horror movies is on the rise. Decided to choose this 8-episode series as Guillermo del Toro was hired by Netflix to create it. So we are promised 8 mystical and terrifying stories, which will be released one per day starting October 24th.

The trailer looks very nice. There is a feeling of warm tube horror films when people are frightened by some monsters, monsters from the basement and other cute and far from real life horror.


To be honest, I don't like October just because ofabundance of horror films. Every service is trying to come up with something. This time, in principle, lucky. "Peripherals" advised me to read a good science fiction novel. Perhaps Apple managed to make a good series based on Shantar. In theaters, "Era of Survival" is on. The picture looks nice. You can probably still appreciate the "DMZ" and "Avenue 5". Well, the anime "Exception".

In the comments, as always, I propose to talk about the good films and series that you have watched lately.

*Meta Platforms, which includes the social networks Facebook and Instagram, has been recognized as an extremist organization and banned in the Russian Federation.

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