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What to expect from the new Blackview 11 tablet?

Blackview announced the launch of a powerful deviceTab 11, the company offers its users a device with a 10.36 inch screen and an ota-core T618 processor, 8 + 128 GB memory. There are many other impressive features inside the Tab 11 that are worth highlighting. It is a Widevine L1 for HD content, a proprietary laptop application, split screen for multitasking and multiple screen modes.

Widevine L1 Certification
The company has decided to upgrade its new Tab 11 device to Widevine 1. Some users may not know what it is and how does it affect the tablet experience?

First of all, Widevine is a DRM thatstands for Digital Rights Management. DRM is services such as Disney + and HBO, Prime Video, Hulu and others use to protect their content from being copied and distributed without a license. And Widevine DRM supports multiple streaming quality levels depending on the security levels of the device. There are three security levels: Widevine L1, Widevine L2, and Widevine L3. L3 can only play content at 480p, L2 up to 540p, and L1 at the highest possible resolution.

Notebook is a note-taking application,developed by the Blackview software development team. It allows users to insert audio, images, typed or handwritten notes into applications.

What's more, it's better than taking notes on paper.notepad, Notepad allows you to improve, correct, or reorganize the order of your notes as many times as you need, without having to repeat the same notes or leave your notebook filled with correction fluid.

Split screen.
When you multitask ontablet, you'd like to have a split screen, and the Tab 11 supports that. A tablet can help you run two apps side by side. Watch TV shows and write to a friend without worry. Or use Notepad to take notes during your online lessons. Tab 11 will make your work more efficient.

Night mode and reading mode.
Too long screen viewing is knownThe tablet may cause eye strain, especially when using the tablet in the dark. To address this issue, tab 11 provides a sleep mode that will allow you to automatically switch the tablet interface to gray at a scheduled time you set.

Uninterrupted work in game mode.
Those who spend a lot of time engagingplaying games on your tablet should be annoyed once or twice by unexpected pop-ups, notifications, calls or errors that make you lose games. With such frustrating gameplay in mind, the Tab 11 provides a game mode that allows players to block unwanted pop-ups or prevent erroneous taps while playing games. With the Tab 11, there are no more distractions at your fingertips.

Visit the Blackview website now, you have a chance to get the Tab 11 for $ 169.99 with a $ 20 coupon by adding the Tab 11 to your cart.