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What to do so that a tick does not bite?

Do you remember the singer Avril Lavigne, actor AlecBaldwin, singer Justin Bieber and actress Ashley Olsen? Do you know what unites them? As it turned out, to all these celebrities, doctors diagnosed Lyme disease or infectious borreliosis, which are transmitted by ticks. These tiny arthropods often go unnoticed - that's what makes them so dangerous. There are no less than 54 thousand species of ticks in the world - they owe such a riot of species diversity to their size: ticks are so small that they easily mastered the upper layers of the soil, rich in decaying plant debris. In winter, these arthropods from the category of arachnids hibernate buried underground, and wake up with the first rays of the spring sun. This means that in most of the forests of our vast homeland, ticks have gone hunting. But how to protect yourself from them?

The bite of these tiny arthropods can make you a seriously ill person.


  • 1 Ticks - what you need to know?
  • 2 How to protect yourself from ticks?
  • 3 Where do ticks hunt?
  • 4 How to dress so that you are not bitten by a tick?

Ticks - what you need to know?

No matter where you spendself-isolation, you need to remember not only about the dangers of COVID-19, but also about the threats that were, are and will be. One of these is the small arthropods that can turn a Sunday picnic in nature into a real tragedy. In this case, not only people risk falling victim of ticks, but also animals. So, among the diseases that ticks can reward our smaller brothers are pyroplasmos, teileriosis and borreliosis. All of these diseases, if untreated, can lead to death. But how can you protect yourself from ticks?

First you need to understand where most lovespend your time ticks. We know that the dense, shrubby patches of vegetation are like magnets that attract these arthropods to themselves. But scientists are just beginning to understand how various plants and landscape features accumulate or repel ticks. However, if you want to minimize your chances of encountering these pathogens, you might want to know a few places that you should definitely beware of.

It is interesting: Forest ticks are more dangerous for women than for men

How to protect yourself from ticks?

So, the first thing to learn is that ticks carrya lot of time where it is easy to find food, that is, us and other animals. So, dog ticks that can transmit tularemia and Spotted Rocky Mountain Fever are often found in meadows. Others are more vulnerable to drought and prefer shady woodlands. These include black-footed ticks (also called deer ticks) - they then are carriers of Lyme disease.

Very unpleasant comrade

Lyme disease (tick-borne borreliosis) - an infectious disease transmitted throughklshchey bites. Lyme disease has a tendency to chronic course. Mostly affects the skin, nervous system, musculoskeletal system and heart. Late detection of the disease is fraught with serious complications.

Where do ticks hunt?

According to Popular Mechanics, there areevidence that some invasive plants are especially attractive to ticks, as it is very convenient to wait for prey in them. Invasive species are species that inhibit competition among other plants and dominate forests. It is for this reason that such plants are found in large thickets that create a shady, moist shelter for ticks. Read more articles about forest dwellers, dangerous and not very human, on our channel in Yandex.Zen. There are regularly published articles that are not on the site.

Moreover, such comfortable conditions allowticks spend more time searching for prey, during which animals wait, balancing on the edge of a leaf or blade of grass with their front legs extended. In general, experts advise you to beware of stunted and dense vegetation, such as common barberry.

A tick on a hunt looks like this. Agree, it doesn’t cost anything to jump off a blade of grass and bite your teeth into your flesh

Another plant that may increase riskto get an infection due to a tick bite is Maak’s Honeysuckle, a tree shrub that grows in Asia. In this case, the problem is not that the plant creates a refuge for ticks - ticks literally accumulate in these shrubs, while the species are quite aggressive. So in forests and parks it is better to stay away from shrubs.

Tick-borne encephalitis - This is a viral infection transmitted with a tick bite, accompanied by fever, intoxication and damage to the gray matter of the brain and / or membranes of the brain and spinal cord.

You might also want to stay away.from rose hips. Originally from East Asia, this plant is traditionally planted to decorate and prevent soil erosion, as well as to create hedges for livestock. As shown by the results of a study published in the journal Parasites & Vectors, ticks in forest fragments, where wild rose prevails, are about twice as likely to be infected with bacteria that cause Lyme disease. However, researchers also advise to pay close attention to the trails - ticks are quite cunning and can hide in the foliage, which is strewn with forest paths. All that is needed is for the boot to stir the foliage and the tick to cling to you instantly. Another place where black-footed ticks can accumulate is fallen logs in which mice and chipmunks nest.

Are you afraid of ticks? We will wait for the answer here.

How to dress so that you are not bitten by a tick?

In recent years, researchers have noted thatticks are becoming increasingly unpleasant. So, in the period from 2004 to 2016 the number of cases of tick-borne diseases doubled, and earlier experts of Rospotrebnadzor warned of increased tick activity in some regions of Russia. Moreover, the experts reminded how to dress so that the tick could not bite you.

This suit is ideal for hiking in the forest during the tick hunting season.

So, considering that ticks always creep from belowup, clothes for walking in the forest or park should be completely closed. So, trousers should be tucked into boots, knee-high socks or socks with heavy elastic. The jacket or shirt should also be tucked into the pants, and the cuffs of the sleeves should fit snugly against the arm. At the same time, experts advise wearing light clothes - this will quickly detect ticks. Self-examination in nature should be carried out regularly, the same applies to pets.

However, none of this means that you shouldto escape from the forest and barricade himself in the room, as Joseph Brodsky advised. It’s just important to understand that where the forest is, there are ticks, so the only right decision is to take precautions, the best solution would be annual vaccination. And if for some reason you doubt the effectiveness of vaccinations, be sure to read our material on this topic.

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