What to do if the boss got it: a toy for beating OLLY

Tired of work? Is the boss running? Lose your nerves? Now you have where to put your aggression.

You can take it out on a plush friend who won't mind.

Designer Simonas Palovis created the concept of an anger management toy called OLLY.

Outwardly, it is a round gray fabric bag with ears, in which LEDs are located that respond to user behavior.

You can beat Ollie, choke, kick, pinch, squeeze, use him like a punching bag, and even slam him against a wall. Hurt him.

If you wish, you can even give it the name of your worst enemy or the person you hate.

Judging by the designer's sketches, the toy has 7 types of muzzle expression, which reacts differently to blows.

With active influence, it is not entirely clearhow many blows OLLY can withstand, after all, the toy has electronic elements. But, apparently, for several hours in a row you will definitely be able to beat the whole soul out of him. And if you just pinch and poke it with a pencil, it may even last for several years.

Also, the designer posted a photo with the internal filling of OLLY. This is a pair of microcircuits, diodes and a battery. That is, the toy should not be expensive, and when the plush reptile is destroyed, you can easily replace it.