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What to choose instead of Word and Excel, after leaving Microsoft from Russia

At a time when a lot of workis accompanied by documents in electronic form, it is simply impossible to ignore the opportunity to get a convenient tool for such work. Everyone has their own text editors and spreadsheet editors, but that's no reason not to try something new and interesting. Not so long ago I came across an office suite called OfficeSuite that offers all the most useful tools for working at the office, at home and even on the go in one suite, as it has versions for iOS and Android. The PC version supports a large number of formats and some exclusive features. However, let's talk about everything in more detail. Moreover, this time there really is something to talk about.

Finding a good document editor is hard. But we found


  • 1 In which program to work with documents
  • 2 Benefits of Office Suite
  • 3 Alternative Word
  • 4 Program with tables instead of Excel
  • 5 In which program to open PDF
  • 6 Where to store documents
  • 7 How much does it cost to replace Word

What program to work with documents

What do you usually work with in the office? Most often it is Word and something for viewing PDF files. Sometimes they are joined by Excel and Power Point. That's just to work with them in modern realities it's getting harder, because paying for the usual editors is no longer as easy as it was at the beginning of the year.

To solve this problem, there is a package OfficeSuite. It includes six ready-made tools for work at once. Among them:

  • Documents (text editor)
  • Sheets (table editor)
  • Slides (creating presentations)
  • MobiDrive (cloud storage)
  • Mail (mail client)
  • PDF (working with PDF files)

You can log in using one of the usual methods.

Benefits of Office Suite

Application package available for Windows, Android and iOS the most popular operating systems. The Mac version is only for models with M1 processor.

Among the main advantages of the package it is worth notingfamiliar interface. For those who have worked in MS Word, Excel and other programs, there will be nothing difficult in mastering the new software. All the usual tools are in their places, and their graphic designation is simple and intuitive. Some features will be a little harder to find, but after a couple of days of work, you will get used to them.

Agree, everything in this interface is familiar even before the first meeting with it.

OfficeSuite has all the features you need inside, including change tracking, conditional formatting, formulas, presentation mode, calendar of events, e-mail address bookmail and more. It also offers support for uploading to other formats so that there are no compatibility issues if you send someone files with the work done. Uploading is possible in a large number of formats, including those typical for Word, Excel and Power Point.

Even if you have to work with presentations, you will find the right tool for you.

All prices for OfficeSuite

Alternative Word

Documents in OfficeSuite is verya powerful tool that allows you to solve all problems with texts. You can work in it both alone, simply by typing text and formatting it, and in a team. In this case you you can leave notes and keep track of what your colleagues have left you. This makes it much easier to coordinate texts for copywriters or contracts for the legal department.

Even changing the style of the text is somehow native and very casual.

All the usual tools that Word taught us are in place, and most importantly, everything works fast and even without small friezes.All functions of work in the application are supported on all platforms. The only exception is inserting images from the Internet on iOS. This option has not yet been introduced there. But the important point is compatible with Microsoft Office formats and Open Office.

Program with tables instead of Excel

Tools for working with tablesSheets, which works just as well, and sometimes better, than MS Excel, which is familiar to financial workers. It even has advanced features that are supported on mobile devices. In particular, inserting images from the camera. Otherwise, these are familiar tables with a clear interface, a large set of formulas and support for Excel formats so you can send the file to users who still use it.

Some of these features are simply not available in Excel.

What program to open PDF

PDF is probably the most popular format.It can contain texts, images and other tools for beautiful layout and informative presentation of the material. But it's not always possible to open it. But sometimes it is necessary not only to open it, but also to work with it.

OfficeSuite offers advanced PDF management, including viewing and creating annotations.You can also work with fillable forms and digitally sign PDF documents. When the work is finished, the files can be saved in their original format or translated into Word, Excel or ePub.

Where to store documents

So that documents are always at hand, they,Of course, you can save to external media and take it with you, but this was done about 10-15 years ago. Now it is much easier to use cloud storage. Moreover, each user is supposed to 5 to 100 GB of space depending on the rate.

Documents can be exported to any format and stored where it suits you - locally or in the cloud.

This will allow you to get started oncomputer, view materials on the road from a smartphone or tablet, and when you arrive home, finish something if you forgot. It is the support of cloud storage in modern products, in my opinion, that is almost the most important option.

How much does it cost to replace Word

OfficeSuite is offered in several variants,which by and large are not so different from each other. But some of them offer their own additions. So Lifetime OfficeSuite Home & Business 2021 on 1 PC at once supports Arial, Calibri, Tahoma and Times New Roman fonts.

OfficeSuite for home and students2022 (unlimited) with an unlimited period of use and 5 GB of cloud storage costs 5,999 rubles (buy here). If you want to buy a version for one computer for one year, you will have to pay 1,999 rubles (buy here). And for five years, the same package will cost 4,999 rubles (buy here). The one-year and five-year versions offer 100 GB of cloud storage at once.

OfficeSuite has already been installed by over 300 milliontimes in almost 200 countries of the world, and the number of new users is increasing daily by about 100 thousand people. This is really a big project with a worldwide reputation, and the use of the editors included in it left me only positive emotions. So I recommend you try it too. Especially now that there are problems using Microsoft Office.

All prices for OfficeSuite