What surprised the Geneva Motor Show? report

From frosty Moscow edition of went straight to rainy Geneva, where the annual auto show of the same name takes place. As always, the event presented and demonstrated many innovations in the automotive industry, but we were interested in the most technologically advanced ones.

In general, at the Geneva Motor Show this year, clearlythere is a tendency to switch to hybrid units in cars. Manufacturers are not in a hurry to completely switch to electric motors, as in Tesla, but at the same time they reduce the level of harmful emissions and fuel consumption due to the work of a gasoline / diesel engine in symbiosis with an electric fellow. Most of the announced new products have got at least one hybrid version.


  • 1 Lexus has become more compact, but more technological
  • 2 Not a single Prius
  • 3 Need more sensors
  • 4 british were able
  • 5 AMG still decides
  • 6 For collectors and lovers
  • 7 “Flying Dutchman” from Audi
  • 8 "Panamera" from the "Mercedes"

Lexus has become more compact, but more technological

Lexus UX concept first shown onParis Motor Show has finally come true - now it is a full-fledged production model. The new GA-C platform provided the crossover with an ultra-low center of gravity, high body rigidity and excellent handling. On the crossover Lexus UX 200 put a new two-liter gasoline engine with high thermal efficiency and the new Direct Shift variator. Engine power is 171 hp Lexus UX 250h is equipped with a new fourth-generation hybrid system with automatic charging capacity of 178 hp.

In the all-wheel drive version, the rear axle is installeda separate electric motor that should help the car on the road. The novelty is equipped with a new version of the complex of active safety systems, which includes a collision avoidance system that can recognize pedestrians in the dark.

Not a single Prius

But Toyota showed a new hybrid carAuris. The car was built on the TNGA platform, which Prius and C-HR also use. The car is offered with two hybrid power plants: a 1.8-liter aspirated and an electric motor (the total power of the car is 122 horsepower) and a 2.0-liter gasoline engine that works in conjunction with an electric engine (177 hp)

Need more sensors

In appearance, the updated "six" does not have seriousdifferences from the previous generation model. All the most interesting is waiting for us inside. So, it is worth noting the futuristic touch control panel, consisting of two displays at once. The upper one serves to interact with the media system, and the lower one to activate and configure the 4-zone climate control. Exactly the same panel meets passengers of the Audi A7 Sportback and the premium Audi A8.

Despite the apparent lack of externalchanges, the engineers of the German automaker changed the configuration of the seats and thereby increased the space inside the case. Of course, it will not be possible to stretch one's legs as during a first-class flight, but for regular passengers of the previous generation A6, the innovation will not go unnoticed.

Special attention should be paid to the built-inan autopilot system that allows you to take a break from driving in the stream, the ability to start the engine and open doors from a proprietary application and, of course, a starter-generator. The latter, according to the manufacturer, allows you to save up to 0.7 liters of fuel for every 100 km.

The british were able

British first commercial electric carmanufacturer Jaguar, although it did not become a revelation for visitors to the Geneva Motor Show, definitely deserves attention. The car lacks an internal combustion engine, which was replaced by a 90 kW battery. Thanks to her, the new I-Pace is capable of driving 480 km on a single charge. Previously, only Tesla managed to achieve similar indicators.

The I-Pace did not disappoint. Thanks to 400 “horses” of synchronous electric motors, the car accelerates from zero to hundreds in just 4.5 seconds. Worse than any of the offspring of Ilon Mask, but definitely not bad for a manufacturer who had no previous experience in the production of electric cars.

AMG still decides

The dream of all physical teachers and fans of the hero DmitryNagiyev from the series of the same name. For several years now, the Germans have not decided on serious experiments, continuing to exploit the image of an ageless classic. Outwardly, the new “helix” in body kit from AMG looks extremely brutal, attracting no less attention to its “stuffing”.

Under the hood of the car is a 4-literV8 biturbo engine with 585 hp, accelerating to 100 km / h in the same 4.5 seconds as the new I-Pace. However, either by prejudice, or because of the positioning of the series, you do not expect anything supernatural from the G line. You perceive him as holding himself in the form of an athlete, capable of much, but not playing in public.

For collectors and lovers

As befits all coupes, the new brainchild of RangeRover has only two doors and relatively low clearance for cars of the British manufacturer. These shortcomings are more than compensated by a 5-liter V8 engine with 577 hp, capable of accelerating a car weighing more than two tons to “hundreds” in 5 seconds. Given the positioning of new items, presets for driving over rough terrain look alien here.

Either out of a craving for excuse, or out of a desireto attract attention to the new product, the manufacturer decided to release only 999 copies of the SV Coupe. A limited number of cars will definitely play a development game, guaranteeing instant redemption of the entire lot. Will get a new coupe to Russia, one can only guess.

Audi Flying Dutchman

Audi's unique brainchild, which turned out to bea joint development of Airbus and Italdesign, it looks, perhaps, much more futuristic than other new products from today's selection. The main feature of this concept car lies in its ability to fly. Despite all the experiments of Uber and other players interested in popularizing air transport, it’s still a little wild to see the first experiences of manufacturers in this area.

Inside, the car looks even more modern,than Tesla. If the products of Elon Musk still have a steering wheel, the decision of Airbus, Italdesigh and Audi cannot even boast of it. The entire space under the windshield is occupied by a touch screen, obviously, used to display relevant information about the trip / flight and used to control the machine. The timing of the appearance of new items on sale, as well as its retail price has not been disclosed.

"Panamera" from the "Mercedes"

The final model of our selection today is the 4-door coupe from Mercedes. Journalists who managed to evaluate the new product live, dubbed it a direct competitor to the Porsche Panamera.

Model in the top configuration (total on the marketThree configurations will be available; two of them - with V8) are equipped with a four-liter V8 biturbo engine developing 639 hp. and 900 Nm of torque. Thanks to him, the car accelerates to 100 km / h in just 3.1 seconds, delighting the owner not only with a unique appearance, but also with its agility.

The calmest modification will be equippedhybrid engine. Such a version will gain acceleration half slower than the most sophisticated model, but it will provide the owner with a sense of imaginary, but involvement in greening the planet. The maximum speed of the car, equal to 285 km / h, however, will not allow you to forget about German roots and will provoke a gas pedal to be pressed into the floor.

It was nice to see so much at the auto showelectric and hybrid cars - manufacturers apparently realized that you won’t be surprised with 5-liter units (although there are still amateurs) and began to look towards caring for the environment and reducing fuel consumption.

The concept of an unmanned car at the Nissan booth

Well, the variety of technologies used speaks for itself: cars have really become “smart”; perhaps often even smarter than their owners.