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What starfalls and eclipses will the residents of Russia see in 2022? Write down the dates

In the past 2021, space lovers hadmany opportunities for observing astronomical phenomena. The most interesting of them, without a doubt, was the solar eclipse, which took place on June 10. Best of all, the overlap of the solar disk by the Moon was visible to the inhabitants of Siberia, but other people were not deprived - they saw a partial eclipse. The end of the year delighted astronomers with the brightest comet named after Gregory Leonard, which I talked about in this material. Perhaps many of you learned about these phenomena too late, were unable to prepare in advance and missed everything. Therefore, let's find out what interesting things await us in 2022. Open the calendar and mark the dates: in the coming months, residents of Russia will be able to see two eclipses, two supermoons and four starfalls.

In 2022, residents of Russia will be able to observe many astronomical phenomena

One of the representatives of the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences shared information about what astronomical phenomena the inhabitants of Russia will be able to see in 2022.


  • 1 Starfalls in 2022
    • 1.1 Quadrantids' Starfall in January
    • 1.2 Starfall Aquarids - May 6
    • 1.3 Perseid Starfall - August 12
    • 1.4 Geminids Starfall - December 13-14
  • 2 Solar eclipse of 2022
  • 3 Lunar eclipse of 2022
  • 4 Super Moon 2022
  • 5 Planet Parade 2022

Starfalls 2022

Starfalls are a combination of those passing throughthe terrestrial atmosphere of meteors. As a rule, meteors are fragments of comets or asteroids, but such can be called any objects burning up in the Earth's atmosphere. Bright meteors are usually called fireballs.

Starfalls are quite common

Starfall Quadrantids in January

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, you probably already missed one of them - on the night of January 2 to 3, the first starfall this year took place. This is about meteor shower, which can be observed every year, in the period fromDecember 28 to January 7. According to the Moscow Planetarium, in 2022 one could see up to 120 "shooting stars" per hour. The point from which the meteors "flew out" was under the handle of the Big Dipper in the constellation Bootes.

Starfall Quadrantids in 2019

Starfall Aquarida - May 6

If you missed the Quadrantids meteor shower, do not despair. In May 2022, residents of Russia will be able to watch Starfall Aquarids - so it is customary to call a meteor shower associatedwith Halley's comet. This is also an annual phenomenon that occurs between the end of April and the end of May. As a rule, the waterfall is most active on May 6 - this year it is expected that up to 60 shooting stars can be observed per hour. It is best to watch the starfall in the predawn hours, away from the city lights.

Meteor shower Aquarida

Perseid Starfall - August 12

Perseids Is a meteor shower that occurs annuallyin August from the side of the constellation Perseus. The shooting star effect appears as a result of the passage of the Earth through a strip of dust particles, the source of which is the comet Swift-Tuttle. The Perseids in 2022 are expected to burn up to 100 meteors per hour in the night sky.

Perseid meteor shower

Starfall Geminids - December 13-14

In December 2022, residents of Russia will be able to seethe Geminids' starfall, which is one of the most powerful of all. It is believed to be associated with the asteroid Phaethon. The place from where the burning lights "fly out" is the constellation Gemini, not far from the star Castor. Scientists estimate that up to 150 objects per hour can be seen in the sky.

Geminid meteor shower

Interesting fact: the most beautiful starfall in the Geminids was in 2011. Then it was possible to see up to 200 meteors per hour, among which there were especially bright fireballs.

Solar eclipse 2022

Solar eclipse in 2022 will occur the 25th of October... Residents will be able to observe the phenomenon best of allTyumen and Omsk - at sunset, towards evening, the solar disk will be 86% covered. Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg will see only two-thirds of the sun's overlap at about 13:00 pm, so this event will not be particularly spectacular.

Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg will see only a partial solar eclipse

Lunar eclipse 2022

This year, some people will be able to observe the lunar eclipse - it is expected 8 november... Residents will see this phenomenon best of all.The Far East and Siberia. Of course, all this will happen at night. The inhabitants of the European part of Russia were out of luck this time, because the lunar eclipse will be imperceptible.

The lunar eclipse of 2022 will be invisible for most Russians

Supermoon 2022

Supermoon is a phenomenon that occurs whenthe coincidence of the full moon or new moon with the moment of the closest approach of the Moon and the Earth. At this point, the Moon appears to be larger than usual. Almost all residents of Russia will be able to observe this phenomenon - mark it in your calendar June 14 and July 13... Yes, in 2022 there will be two supermoons at once!

On a supermoon, the moon is 25% brighter and 12% larger.

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2022 Planet Parade

In the beginning year, we will not be able to see a full-fledged parade of planets, in which the planets of the solar system line up in one line. But, in the period from December 25 to January 7, some celestial bodies will nevertheless line up.Mercury and Venus will be on the same line, and they will be accompanied by dwarf Pluto. Saturn can be seen 20 degrees from them, and Jupiter will be located 20 degrees west of them. Unfortunately, you won't be able to look at them with the naked eye - you need a telescope. I mentioned where you can buy a good telescope in an article about the youngest astronomer in the world.

A small parade of planets will take place in 2022

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