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What should a Data Science Specialist be able to do?

Technology over the last few yearsintegrated with many businesses, which formed new professions that have become very popular in the market. One of these areas was Data Science: experts in this field are in great demand, and not in vain, because every day they solve problems aimed at improving the business and, as a result, increasing its profit. And such craftsmen are always needed. But what exactly do Data Science experts do, and what skills should they have?

The future of data science


  • 1 What is Data Science
  • 2 What a Data Scientist Must Know
  • 3 Data Science and Machine Learning
  • 4 How to Become a Data Science Specialist

What is Data Science?

It is worth noting immediately that under Data science companies often understand different things. For example, in one organization, such a specialist is creating new machine learning algorithms, which requires good knowledge of mathematical methods. As a rule, in this case we are talking about research companies and research laboratories.

In another place, experts on Data ScienceEngaged in advanced data analytics. It includes business analysis, the development of new models, testing and the "run-in" of new features in the environment. Such an employee is fully responsible for his task - from development to its direct effect on the business. In the IT industry, this approach is called "full-stack." Sometimes Data scientist It deals only with data processing and building models, it all depends on the particular company, its activities and tasks.

Data Scientists are now very much in demand in the market

What should a Data Scientist be able to

As a rule, specialists in this field havegood knowledge in mathematics and even software development. That is, they are programmers and scientists in the field of mathematics. However, business skills are also important in Data Science: a specialist must understand business processes, understand the customer’s problems, and form a task and the best way to solve it.

Data Science includes several industries at once

Therefore, analytics is important understand how business workswhat problems he solves and how he canhelp to become even more effective. And only then to test your skills on large data sets. Otherwise, mistakes can be made: for example, if an employee has good knowledge of in-depth training, this does not mean that you need to use this method in any case. Often the problem is solved easier, and a good Data Scientist can see all the ways to solve it and choose the best.

A person skilled in the art can build a model that will change the whole business. So, a few years ago, Jonathan Goldman,a physicist from Stanford got a job on the LinkedIn social network and created a model that told the account owner who else from the site’s users might be his acquaintance. The social network put its model into practice and gained an additional millions of views and accelerated growth.

Data Science and Machine Learning

At the same time, Data Scientist’s work is inextricablyrelated to machine learning. It processes data arrays, finds new relationships and patterns in them, using machine learning algorithms, and builds models. The model is essentially an algorithm that can be used to solve business problems.

Algorithms are an example.who use taxi services that predict demand. Or a navigator that can build the optimal route to bypass traffic jams. To implement this, you need to process large amounts of data and build models, which is what Data Scientist does. The same goes for search engines, voice assistants and advisory services - without data science, they simply could not exist.

All social networks exist thanks to Data Science

How to Become a Data Science Specialist

Many go to this area with a universityeducation, but despite the fact that it does provide fundamental knowledge, it is often divorced from practice. This is especially true for the bundle of IT and business. The best option is to learn Data Science from those who already working in this area and learn from their experience. Follow trends and participate in real projects, and not just study theory and students in mathematics. All this can be obtained on a special course in Data Science, which is taught by NVIDIA employees, EORA, Yandex.Zen and other industry leaders with many years of experience.

The course will teach you the basics.Python programming and data analysis, mathematics and statistics for Data Science, Data Engineering and other disciplines. But the main thing is that you will be able to work out the necessary skills that a good specialist in this field needs - to understand how data science works and how it changes the business for the better (soft skills).

Part of the Data Science course at Skillbox

In addition, all cases are developed on the basis of real tasks in the practice of Data Science, that is, you will have own git repositorywhich you can show to the employer. And professional teachers and special simulators for machine learning will help in this. In the future, you can work in any industry you like - from retail and travel to medicine and even e-sports. Everyone needs data experts now.

You can learn the profession of Data Science from scratch -the main thing is to have a desire to learn and develop. The direction is really very promising: it is not in vain that it takes 1st place in the ranking of the most popular professions of 2020.

Become an expert in Data Science