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What serious illness can overtime work lead to?

In 2019, the International Agency for the Study ofCancer (IARC) found that night work can cause sleep disturbances, overweight, diabetes, and cardiovascular and mental illness. Excessively long work without rest really negatively affects human health and recently this was once again proved by Canadian scientists from the University of Laval. During a scientific study, they found that working overtime people are most prone to not only ordinary hypertension, which is characterized by high blood pressure, but also its dangerous, hidden appearance. But how did scientists find out?

With hypertension, blood vessels constantly experience high blood pressure.

The results of the study were published ina scientific journal called Hypertension. For five years, scientists have monitored the health status of more than 3,500 civil servants from the Canadian province of Quebec. In the first, third and fifth years of scientific work, the participants in the study measured blood pressure three times in the morning, after which they went to work with a wearable sensor.

How is overtime harmful to health?

Carrying a portable measuring devicepressure was necessary in order to reveal a latent form of hypertension in people. The fact is that in some cases people often have high blood pressure, but in the doctor’s office it normalizes. What this is connected with is not exactly known, but most likely the cause of such pressure variability is stress. A portable sensor is attached to the person’s hand and changes the indicators every half hour, and then the doctor examines the data and determines whether the person has a latent form of hypertension or not. For reference, it is worth mentioning that people with a pressure above 140/90 are diagnosed with hypertension.

Hypertension often causes cardiovascular disease.

The results of the study showed that ordinaryhypertension was observed in 19% of participants, and its latent form in 13%. In the course of studying the data, scientists revealed a very interesting pattern between the level of blood pressure in people and their duration of work. It turned out that government employees working more than 49 hours a week suffered from latent hypertension 70% more often than others. The standard form of the disease, in turn, was found in 66% of overtime lovers.

Do you know the difference between drowsiness and fatigue?

With all this, working less than 35 hours a weekpeople suffered from high blood pressure much less often than others. According to the researchers, people with a tight work schedule are strongly encouraged to check their blood pressure with a wearable device. The fact is that latent hypertension, like the usual form of this disease, in the long term can cause many cardiovascular diseases. That is, high blood pressure indirectly causes many deaths.

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In the future, researchers intend to verifyhow much the number of children in a family and the amount of homework affect a person’s blood pressure. Also, they should check the frequency of occurrence of hypertension among representatives of different professions. After all, it may well be that due to heavy physical exertion, the pressure of agricultural workers may be higher than that of office workers.