What salary do the astronauts of Russia and the USA receive?

During the Soviet Union, almost everyonethe child dreamed of becoming an astronaut. The reason for this was the worldwide fame of Yuri Gagarin, who became the first man in space and turned into the idol of millions of people. In addition to fame, the legendary astronaut received from the Government of the USSR a huge prize of 15,000 rubles by the standards of those times, a Volga car, a four-room apartment, and many other gifts. Not bad, right? The Russian state corporation Roscosmos recently told what salaries modern astronauts receive. How rich are they?

Currently working in a Russian corporation25 cosmonauts. Two of them, Alexander Skvortsov and Alexey Ovchinin, are now aboard the International Space Station. The corporation also has a group of eight candidates for astronauts who are preparing for future flights. In addition to good physical preparation and an age of no more than 35 years, they should have a higher education, speak several languages ​​and have a good understanding of the history of space exploration.

Want to become an astronaut? You will have to go through many trials.


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How much do astronauts get?

The salary of the astronauts depends on theirpositions, length of service and number of flights into space. Candidates, acting cosmonauts and instructors who prepare pilots for space flights have different salaries. In addition to the fixed salary, employees receive bonuses for flights into space - the longer and more complex the mission, the more money they receive.

Astronaut salary

  • cosmonaut candidates receive 61 thousand rubles a month;
  • astronauts are paid 64 thousand rubles;
  • instructors get 88 thousand.

If an astronaut has ever been in space,the size of his salary reaches 70 thousand rubles and this amount grows after each flight and with an increase in the length of service. In addition, for each space mission, each astronaut receives a one-time payment, the size of which depends on the length of stay in space and the complexity of the tasks.

The squad of cosmonauts "Roskosmos"

Roscosmos Corporation did not disclose the exactthe salary of each of its cosmonauts, referring to the fact that it is she who cares about the safety of the personal data of her employees. However, in April 2019, the deputy head of the Cosmonaut Training Center Sergey Zaletin said that the average salary of astronauts is 170 thousand rubles. A novice astronaut receives about 110 thousand, but as soon as he makes two or three flights, they start paying him about 300 thousand rubles a month.

Astronauts often make experiments. They recently proved the possibility of life on Mars.

What is the salary of US astronauts?

Salary of American astronauts directlyDepends on their skills and experience. Unlike Roscosmos, the NASA space agency does not hide the salaries of its employees and openly declares that they earn from 50 to 150 thousand dollars a year. The agency does not name the size of the monthly salary, but one day a NASA employee named Robert Frost shared that astronauts earn between $ 5,300 and $ 11,790 a month.

Representatives of Roskosmos assure that the salaryRussian astronauts is comparable to the pay of astronauts NASA. But is it really so? Pretty close, but there is still a difference - if you count the minimum $ 5300 by NASA astronauts, the current exchange rate will turn out to be almost 347,000 rubles. This is slightly more than the salary of our experienced astronauts. But after all, the aforementioned Robert Frost also called the maximum amount equal to 11,790 dollars a month - it turns out that in terms of rubles, experienced American pilots get more than 770 thousand?

In fact, it’s hard to say exactly who gets the most money. The fact is that the NASA agency and the Roskosmos corporation do not specify the income of cosmonauts and astronauts before or after taxes.

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How to become an astronaut?

Anyway, 300,000 rubles a month isa very decent amount. What does a person need to become an astronaut and receive such money? Firstly, astronauts are required to have a perfect physique, as well as good physical and mental health. Secondly, a person must have a higher education related to rocket technology. In extreme cases, an excellent knowledge of biology, medicine and physics may come up - these sciences are also very important in the study of space.

Requirements for astronauts. Source: Roskosmos

Most astronauts are formermilitary pilots. Before becoming astronauts, they undergo careful selection and train hard, since in zero gravity a person experiences a very heavy load. After returning to Earth, almost every astronaut undergoes a long rehabilitation, because at least they have problems with the joints.

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