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What rare disease can dog owners die from?

More recently, scientists conducted a fairly large-scalea study in which it was proved that dog owners live much longer than people without pets. However, there are cases when four-legged pets become carriers of pathogenic bacteria so dangerous to humans that the consequences of infection can be fatal. Recently, a 63-year-old man died in a Red Cross hospital in Bremen (Germany) from exposure to one of these bacteria. He felt unwell shortly after his own dog licked him. The consequences of the infection were so terrible that looking at the appearance of a man was simply scary.

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According to ScienceAlert, initiallythe man felt the standard flu symptoms, including fever and shortness of breath. The patient was in no hurry to go to the hospital until his health deteriorated sharply. A rash appeared on his face, and he also began to experience muscle pain. Upon further examination in the hospital, he revealed kidney damage, liver failure and poor blood circulation.

What disease can dogs infect?

Having identified this entire set of symptoms, employeeshospitals for a long time could not make a diagnosis. Among their assumptions were some exotic diseases, but the man had not traveled before. Confused, the doctors diagnosed him with a severe blood infection and were treated with antibiotics. The measures taken did not help and in the end, the man even survived a cardiac arrest - for the first time he managed to reanimate.

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In the course of further work, the doctors were nevertheless ableidentify the cause of the mysterious disease - a bacterium called Capnocytophaga canimorsus penetrated the patient’s body. This microbe lives in the oral cavity of almost any dog ​​or cat and is dangerous only for people with immunodeficiency or alcoholism. But the sick man did not have problems with immunity and addiction to alcohol. The reason why he was so exposed to the common bacteria is still not clear.

It’s better not to let the dogs lick themselves - they can pass you the bacteria Capnocytophaga canimorsus

Hospital staff found out onlythat the patient had a dog. Probably, it was she who transferred the bacterium to the owner at the time when she was playing with him. Unfortunately, the hospital found out the cause of a serious illness of a man too late. On the 16th day of hospitalization, the patient died from the rejection of several organs at once.

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This case of death from the bacterium Capnocytophagacanimorsus is exceptional. According to the medical literature, only 25% of all reported cases of infection with this bacterium are fatal. In some cases, the disease does not pass at all to the person.

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But, whatever it was, this case showsthat when flu symptoms are detected, it’s better for dog and cat owners not to drag them to the hospital. It is especially important to seek help in cases where, in addition to fever and shortness of breath, a red rash is observed on the body. The attending physicians, in turn, are required to ask about the presence or absence of pets in the patient when such symptoms are detected. Otherwise, if there is an infection with the bacterium Capnocytophaga canimorsus, a person can die a rather long and painful death.