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What processors do users choose for their laptops

Each of us uses a computer for himit is important that everything works well. There are so many models now that even I sometimes get lost in this variety, but few will argue that it is not so important who made the computer, how important is what components it is made of. And the most important internal component is the processor. It not only ensures the speed of the device, but also its stability. It even has an impact on security, because it should not contain vulnerabilities that would allow attackers to gain access to your system. Therefore, it is he who should largely determine the choice of a computer, and we have interesting statistics on this score. It shows which devices users choose for work or play.

This rivalry is very important in the modern computing world.


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What computers are sold in Russia

Information shared by F5it - one of the largest regional supplierscomputer technology. He held a private event in Moscow, where the audience gathered to see something interesting, journalists and partners were told about the most important trends in the world of laptops. At the same time, plans for the future were announced, which turned out to be no less interesting than the statistics.

At the event, in addition to discussing the serverequipment that is so important for cloud computing and remote work talk about laptop processors. Here it was even difficult to imagine that, in fact, the distribution of forces is exactly that.
As a rule, we mainly hear manufacturers such as Intel and AMD... If we talk about the top segment, the first are represented by the Core i9, and the second - by Ryzen 9. This segment received a lot of attention and in it AMD Ryzen 9 was in the first place in sales.

Intel or AMD

If you think that the distribution of presenceit was about 50:50, then you are greatly mistaken. You can find the exact numbers of presence in the third quarter of 2021 below, but the ratio is much more interesting. In Russia, if we take only the segment of Core i9 / Ryzen 9 processors in isolation from the rest of the market, solutions from AMD will be occupy a share of 95.2% in it... In terms of the spread of this platform, Russia ranks first in Europe.

In the top segment, there is almost no intrigue of rivalry between manufacturers.

Inexpensive Laptops

If we talk about other processor families of these major manufacturers, the picture is slightly different, but this only makes it more interesting to draw conclusions. For example, the segment Core i3 / Ryzen 3 remained in favor of Intel, but AMD's share is still is 34.7%, and our country is in the lead in the ranking by pieces.

This is how the forces were distributed in the budget segment.

Moving on to Core i5 / Ryzen 5, we see the preservation of leadership for Russia and an increase in the growth of the share of AMD, which in this segment is 43.8%.

Please note that it is Russia that leads the ranking. This is a clear example of the time.

You can see the trend even better if you look at the segment. Core i7 / Ryzen 7... In it, Russia no longer has a leadership in pieces, but it very characteristically continues to lead in the distribution of AMD processors. So, against the background of Core i7, the share of Ryzen 7 reaches 61.4%.

In the case of the Core i7 / Ryzen 7, there is already a clear trend towards dominance.

Which processor is best for a laptop

That is, we see that as the class of the processor increases and the cost of the finished product increases, users prefer exactly solutions from AMD, up to complete dominance in the top segment.

Many others were also presented at the event.information, but this is probably the most interesting. Russia is consistently among the leaders in terms of the share of laptops, regardless of the segment, and this indicates how strong the effect of switching to remote work during the pandemic was. We also saw how people's trust in processors from one brand relative to another grows as the cost of a device increases. This is confirmed by the words of F5it commercial director Igor Golovchenko.

We are closely monitoring the development andthe laptop market in Russia is changing. We are especially interested in processor trends. As you have already seen at the presentation, notebooks based on AMD in Russia show high sales growth rates, even outstripping the European market in some respects. It is interesting that this applies not only to such budget segments as Ryzen 3, but also to high ones, such as Ryzen 7. Despite the fact that in general Russia is not included in the top European countries in sales of Core i7 / Ryzen 7 laptops, models at AMD are very successful in the domestic market. - said Igor Golovchenko, summing up the results of the event.

Do you pay attention to the processor when buying a laptop, or is it more important to you, whose logo is printed on the lid?