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What poisonous spiders and snakes can be found in the suburbs

Climate warming is already affecting everythingnatural processes and phenomena on the planet. Of course, changes in weather conditions also affected the composition of the fauna, and not only somewhere far away, on other continents, but also in many regions of Russia. For example, in the Rostov region, some animals and insects, which were previously considered exotic, have become permanent neighbors of local residents over the past 5-10 years. Of course, some of them will surely decorate and enrich the local nature. But among them there are those with whom I would not like to meet at all because of their mortal danger. Moreover, the migration of poisonous living creatures to the north continues. For the past few years, it has already been found even in the suburbs. More and more often in social networks and the media there is information about “black widows” and aggressive snakes that are noticed in rural areas and metropolitan parks. And even there are already the first victims. Fortunately, there have been no deaths so far. However, the danger must be known in person.

Dangerous spiders and snakes have chosen the suburbs and metropolitan parks


  • 1 Karakurt - the most dangerous spider of the Moscow region
  • 2 Argiope spider - the bite is painful, but not fatal
  • 3 Spider spider - poisonous local arthropod
  • 4 The common viper is the only venomous snake in the Moscow region

Karakurt - the most dangerous spider of the Moscow region

Karakurt is one of the most poisonous and mostfamous spiders on the planet. More recently, they were only watched on TV, but now residents of Moscow and the Moscow region have every chance to meet them in person. Yes, despite the fact that the number of spiders in the world is declining, in the vicinity of the capital, on the contrary, there are more of them. True, scientists reassure and say that karakurts, they are also “black widows”, are not permanent residents of this region.

Despite the fact that meetings with them ceased to bea rarity, all spiders, according to them, are imported. They can get here, for example, with fruits. In the local climate, they can breed, feel quite comfortable and even overwinter a warm winter. But the severe winter frosts, which are still not uncommon in the Moscow region, will not allow them to stay for a long time. In particular, Elena Volosyuk, a leading specialist of the FOBOS Weather Center, speaks about this.

However, such explanations are still reassuring.few. These spiders are really not uncommon in recent years and there have already been cases of bites. Moreover, the first was recorded in 2019 - a spider bit a pensioner right in an apartment in the west of Moscow.

Karakurt - the most poisonous spider from the fauna of Russia

Karakurt certainly needs no introduction.This is a relatively small blue-black spider with a massive abdomen. As a rule, it has red spots, sometimes with white borders or pure white. There are also completely black individuals. As a rule, they weave their webs not high from the ground. They are most active in June-July, when their breeding season begins.

The bite of this spider is extremely toxic and can lead toto lethal outcome. It starts to act instantly. A burning pain appears, which after a short time becomes unbearable and covers the whole body. Most bitten complain of pain in the chest, abdomen and lower back. In this case, a sharp spasm of the abdominal muscles occurs. There are also a lot of other unpleasant symptoms, such as shortness of breath, dizziness, headache, vomiting, clouding of consciousness, delirium, etc.

In case of a bite of a karakurt, it is necessaryimmediately seek medical help, as the bill can go really for minutes. Before the arrival of the ambulance, some measures can be taken independently. For example, cauterization of the skin puncture site with several lighted match heads helps. However, the procedure must be performed no later than two minutes from the moment of the bite. Intravenous administration of novocaine also helps, but doctors should do it.

The sting of a wasp spider is not fatal, but causes severe burning pain at the site of the bite.

Argiope spider - the bite is painful, but not fatal

Argiope is also called wasp spider, ortiger spider as a result of its characteristic coloration with alternating black, white and yellow stripes. It, as a rule, has an elongated abdomen, therefore it really resembles a wasp hanging on a web. The spider usually weaves it in the grass, where it waits for prey.

We hasten to reassure - the bite of this arthropod, inunlike the bite of a karakurt, it is not fatal. However, a close meeting with him is still better to avoid, since the action of the poison causes severe pain, comparable to a wasp sting (yes, the case when the appearance did not disappoint). In addition, an allergic reaction and individual intolerance are possible.

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Like the “black widow”, the wasp spider appeared in the vicinity of Moscow quite recently. Previously, it lived only in more southern regions.

The bite of a cross spider is accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms.

Spider spider - poisonous local arthropod

In fairness, we note that the crosses are neitherwhere they did not come from, since they have always been in the Moscow region and other regions of Russia. You can recognize such a spider by the characteristic white spots, which are often located on the abdomen in the shape of a cross. The size of an arthropod can reach four centimeters. The body has a chitinous shell of a yellowish-brown color.

The bite of this spider is not fatal, but extremelyunpleasant. There is a strong burning sensation at the site of the bite. In this case, weakness, vomiting, chills, twitching of the limbs, diarrhea, drowsiness, weakness, etc. may occur. As a rule, the symptoms go away on their own. But if the consequences of the bite are difficult to tolerate, you should seek medical help.

The common viper is the only venomous snake in the Moscow region

Fortunately, no cobras or rattlesnakes inThere is no suburb yet. You can meet here, as before, only three types of these reptiles - grass snake, copperhead and common viper. The first two species are absolutely safe, like their ancient ancestors, which cannot be said about the viper. It is found in clearings, clearings, swampy meadows, as well as summer cottages.

There are two types of color of these snakes - black andgray-brown with a zigzag dark stripe. They can be found in tall grass. They also like to crawl onto logs or into firewood. It is in such places that people become victims of their bites. There were even cases when a viper attacked a person during harvesting in his own garden.

The common viper rarely attacks first, but you should not provoke it

True, the vipers rarely attack first,when a person is next to her nest with eggs. In addition, they are especially aggressive during the mating season. In other cases, they can bite only when they are disturbed, for example, if a person inadvertently steps on a snake.

Immediately after the bite, there is a strong, burning pain,which is gradually increasing. Immediately after the bite, two scarlet dots appear. Then spotted hemorrhages form, with a strong edema occurring, which eventually spreads to the entire affected limb. The skin often takes on a bluish tint.

After 15-20 minutes, symptoms of generalpoisoning - dizziness, vomiting, drowsiness, general weakness, double vision, shortness of breath, rapid pulse. Deaths from bites in adults are rare, but they are extremely dangerous for children and animals. In addition, if you do not contact a medical institution in time, tissue necrosis is possible. For example, the famous TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov, in one of his interviews, told how a viper bite sent him to intensive care for three weeks.

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What to do if you are bitten by a viper?First of all, you need to calm down, otherwise the blood will quickly disperse the poison throughout the body. It is also necessary to drink as much liquid as possible and immediately take anti-allergic drugs. In this case, it is important to immediately seek medical help.

Finally, we note that, according to experts inIn the near future, the number of poisonous snakes and spiders in the Moscow region may increase. In particular, the appearance of tarantulas is expected, as Evgeny Abizov, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, says.

So, harsh winters are sometimes not so bad. Believe a resident of the southern region, who happened to kill karakurt on his own windowsill.