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What physical activity reduces the risk of cancer?

On the relationship of the level of physical activity andscientists have known the risk of cancer for a long time. For example, back in 2014, American scientists studied the results of 43 scientific studies and found that a sedentary lifestyle greatly increases the possibility of developing cancer. However, employees of the National Institute of Oncology and some American universities are confident that the development of cancer stops only with a certain physical exertion. To identify the optimal intensity of physical exercises, scientists once again studied the results of scientific work of other groups of researchers and made very interesting and useful conclusions for all of us.

Scientists have proven many times that sport helps avoid cancer

About a new study on physicalactivity and risk of cancer was described in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. In the course of scientific work, American scientists obtained at their disposal the results of nine studies of this kind, in which data from at least 750,000 people were taken into account. In particular, the scientists had information on the degree of daily activity of research participants and their health status. As it should be understood, in a particular case, scientists were interested in the predisposition of people to cancer.

Sports Can Save Cancer

As it turned out, physically active peoplereally less likely to get cancer. So, during the study, scientists found that in mobile people the risk of colon cancer is reduced by 8%, breast cancer by 10% and liver cancer by 27%. It is noteworthy that to achieve such results, people do not need to exhaust themselves with training in the gym. Researchers believe that to protect against cancer, it is enough to perform moderately intense physical exercises at least 2.5 hours a week. But performing heavy physical exertion is also beneficial, and in this case, you can train only more than an hour a week.

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But what is the difference between moderately intenseexercise from heavy loads? Referring to the World Health Organization, scientists explained that moderate exercise includes brisk walking, dancing, housekeeping, and even playing with pets. High-intensity loads, in turn, include running, high-speed cycling, soccer and hockey, as well as other serious sports.

Even home cleaning can save you from cancer

Thus, scientists have once again provedthe benefit of an active lifestyle. Even if you do not have the opportunity to go to the gym, city pool and sections for various sports, you still need to maintain activity throughout each day. Regular home cleaning, walking with a dog and even banal dances alone can save you from deadly diseases.

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