What novelty will Ilon Musk present next Thursday?

The founder of Tesla and SpaceX Ilon Musk continuesactively use your twitter to post intriguing posts. Most recently, he published the date of the still unknown but, apparently, an important event - it will take place on February 28, at midnight Moscow time. Internet users are trying to guess what exactly will take place at this time: the announcement of the new Tesla car, some new from SpaceX, or the loud news from The Boring or Neuralink? There are many options, but based on past announcements of an entrepreneur, some assumptions can be made.

Ilon Mask said that the upcoming announcement will betouch the Tesla company. This is quite expected, as there has been enough news from SpaceX recently: it recently completed its seventieth mission, and already on March 2, the company intends to conduct the first test flight of the Crew Dragon spacecraft. Tesla has not had any high-profile announcements for a long time, since the announcement of the electric truck and the new generation of the Roadster.

There is a possibility that Ilon Mask is finallywill reveal details about the Tesla Model Y electric crossover. It is already known that its mass production should begin sometime in late 2020, but there is no exact information about its characteristics and other features. Back in 2018, the entrepreneur said that the announcement of the crossover will take place "in any period from the end of this year to the middle of the next." Perhaps this time has come.

It is known that the new electric car will be more than the "budget" Tesla Model 3. At the same time, its assembly will be cheaper, since most of the parts will be taken from a relatively inexpensive model.

What do you think, what announcement Tesla is preparing? Or will Ilon Musk make some other surprise? Feel free to write your assumptions in the comments, or join our Telegram-chat.