What man cannot do, the robot was capable of that: copying handwriting

The ability to write is one of the most laborious skillswho gets a kid at school. All the years of his studies, he somehow continues to develop his own individual handwriting, which may be similar to someone else’s, but still unique, as the drawing on the phalanges of the fingers. Criminologists say that even the most skillful fake handwriting will be discovered and proved by handwriting expertise.

Researchers at Brown Universitymanaged to teach the robot letter. At first, he derived Japanese hieroglyphs, applying strokes according to a given algorithm. The robot performs this work simultaneously in two directions: it monitors the current position of the pen (“local”) and is responsible for switching to the next hieroglyph (“global”). The author of the algorithm is Atsunobu Kotani.

The next step in learning the robot was gainingThey are able to write letters and words in different languages, including English, Greek, Hindi, Urdu, Chinese and Yiddish, and copy simple drawings. Android was able to copy even the italics and handwriting of a six-year-old child. But the Arabic language did not submit to the robot: there the writing goes from right to left.

Learning the robot to do simple drawings was also a success: the android copied the simplest image of Mona Lisa.