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What kind of weather is deadly for people?

Summer 2022, like many previous ones, is issuedvery hot. At the end of June, residents of Moscow and other large cities were languishing in the heat - several cool days with rain are expected in July, but abnormally hot weather promises to return again. On such days, many people douse themselves in cool water and say that they are "dying from the heat." The question arises - but really, at what air temperature does a person risk dying? Scientists have long been trying to figure out the limits of the endurance of the human body and are constantly making new discoveries. Let's say right away that a person can feel bad after a few tens of minutes of being in the open sun. But there is an even more dangerous condition in which the human body receives the greatest damage.

Sometimes hot summers are more dangerous than freezing winters.


  • 1 What are the dangers of being in the sun?
  • 2 The most dangerous weather for health
  • 3 Which countries are the hottest?
  • 4 Which is better, heat or cold?

Why is it dangerous to be in the sun?

Obviously, the greatest harm to human healthapplied when it is outdoors. In summer, the air temperature even in the shade can reach 30 degrees Celsius, and in open areas this figure can be 10-20 points higher. Under the sun, the head becomes especially vulnerable - high temperatures heat the cerebral cortex, which leads to vasodilation. Because of this, a large volume of blood flows to the head, which can cause rupture of small vessels. Because of this, the entire central nervous system suffers.

In the heat, in no case should you stay outdoors

During the heat, a person runs the risk of suffering from heat or sunstroke. These are two different phenomena - we talked about the differences in this material.

The most dangerous weather for health

But a person can suffer from extreme heat, evenif it is in the shade. Bad things can happen if wet bulb conditions are established. The weather is such if the air temperature averages 31.1 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity is 95%. Under such conditions, the human body loses the ability to regulate body temperature through sweating, which is why heat stroke occurs with all the consequences. Experts believe that even perfectly healthy people with great endurance die in such conditions.

Heat with high humidity is always more difficult to bear

According to Professor Radley Horton (RadleyHorton, "wet bulb" conditions are deadly even if the person is dressed in light clothing and has an unlimited amount of water with them. No matter how much he sweats, the body temperature will still rise - the only way to escape is to find a cool place with less humidity.

Why does +4 degrees feel cold in autumn and warm in spring? The answer is here.

Which countries are the hottest?

The hardest thing to escape from is hot and humidconditions in South Asia, coastal regions of the Middle East and southwestern North America. However, dangerous weather can form in other regions such as the US, Canada and even Russia. In the course of scientific work, the results of which were published in the scientific journal Science Advances, the aforementioned Professor Radley Horton and his colleagues studied data from weather stations around the world collected from 1979 to 2017. They were able to detect about 7,000 occurrences of wet bulb conditions. It is highly likely that hundreds or even thousands of people died due to the heat in such weather.

Wet Bulb Conditions Can Occur Anywhere Except Cold Parts of the Earth

As a result, it turns out that the summer heat is far away.not the most heavenly conditions. Residents of cold countries like Russia look forward to warm days and often even love the 30-degree heat. However, they do not realize that hot and humid conditions can cause the same damage to human health as winter frosts.

Which is better, heat or cold?

Moreover, some people are resistant tocold, while everyone suffers from heat. In 2021, scientists conducted an experiment involving 42 men - they were asked to sit in the cold until their body temperature dropped to 35.5 degrees. Before being sent to a cold cell, they were tested. It turned out that among people there are mutants that have increased resistance to cold. You can read more about this discovery here.

Some people are cold resistant

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At the end of the article, I would like to ask what would you choose: an abnormally hot summer or a record frosty winter? Write about your choice and the reasons for such a decision in the comments, it will be interesting to read.