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What kind of cockroaches live in our homes and where do they come from?

Cockroaches are among the most ancient living creatures. According to scientists, they appeared on our planet about 300 million years ago, developed and divided into different types. At the moment, scientists know about the existence of approximately 5000 species of cockroaches... And only about 30 of them are able to live nearbywith people. We can say that they directly depend on us, because we unwittingly provide them with warm living conditions, food and other amenities. But have you ever thought about what kind of cockroaches live next to us and how did they even appear? In addition, in some regions of our country, they suddenly began to disappear. With what this is connected, scientists still do not know exactly, but they have several interesting assumptions.

Fear of cockroaches is called Insectophobia or Entomophobia


  • 1 When did cockroaches appear?
  • 2 Features of cockroaches
  • 3 Why do cockroaches appear in homes?
  • 4 Why are cockroaches dying out?

When did cockroaches appear?

Cockroaches appeared on our planet in the Carboniferous period, approximately 300 million years ago... In those days, the continents did not yet exist and onGlobe, the outlines of the Pangea supercontinent have just begun to appear. The fauna mainly consisted of amphibious creatures, and the plants were conifers and other trees. Also in those days, coal deposits appeared, which we still use as a fossil fuel. In general, cockroaches are very ancient creatures, even older than dinosaurs.

At the time of the appearance of cockroaches, nature looked like this

Features of cockroaches

From the most ancient times to this day, a favoritethe place of cockroaches is loose forest litter. Wet conditions and nutrients are preserved under it. And these insects eat any organic residues, both plant and animal origin. It turns out that they practically cannot die of hunger. In addition, they can withstand the effects of radiation and can survive even after terrible disasters. So, they managed to survive mass extinctions and serious wars between people.

Red cockroaches probably saw many

The secretive lifestyle has greatly affectedthe appearance of insects. They have very powerful legs and a dense body. Their jaw opens horizontally - it is believed that with the help of them they more easily grind food, dig holes and even drag things from one place to another. These features of the structure of the body arose millions of years ago and are still preserved. For a long time, cockroaches were the dominant group of insects and only then were they replaced by larger and stronger beetles. Indeed, in the course of evolution, real strongmen like a dung beetle (Onthophagus taurus) appeared on our planet. I already talked about him in this article.

The most powerful animal in the world looks like this

Why do cockroaches appear in homes?

The answer to this question is obvious and was already partlygiven at the beginning of our article. Human homes are very warm and full of food, which is why insects grow near us. Red cockroaches (Blattella germanica) feel especially good. They are predominantly nocturnal and feed on almost everything from human food scraps to soap. It is important to note that they appeared in Russia only in the 18th century. It is believed that they reached our place together with the soldiers, because in those days various wars very often took place.

Scientifically, red cockroaches are referred to as Blattella germanica

But black cockroaches (Blatta orientalis) live inRussia for a very long time. They love warmth and moisture very much, so they feel best in village houses and basements. It is believed that they appeared in our area hundreds or even thousands of years ago and their real homeland is tropical lands. But scientists still have no evidence for this assumption. As village houses are becoming smaller today, and black cockroaches have a hard time living in urban conditions, their numbers are gradually decreasing. Some scientists even propose to put them in the Red Book.

Black cockroach (Blattella germanica)

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Why are cockroaches dying out?

Scientists notice a decline in numbers not onlyblack cockroaches, but also red ones. In the 1990s, cockroaches were found in many Russian homes, but today they are rare. Scientists cannot say for sure what caused their abrupt disappearance. There is a popular belief that cockroaches fled due to the active use of smartphones and Wi-Fi. There is, of course, no evidence of this. A much more likely version seems to be that people actively used various insect repellents and they led to a noticeable reduction in their numbers.

To prevent cockroaches from getting in the apartment, it is important to keep it clean.

Also, the disappearance of cockroaches can be explained withimprovement of sanitary conditions in apartments. Previously, many dwellings were littered with many items. But now most of the apartments remain clean and there are no special problems with insects. But in dirty houses, cockroaches, unfortunately, are still found. Although they are not the most dangerous carriers of diseases, there is plenty of dirt on their paws.

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Despite the fact that these are far from the most pleasantcreation in the world, it is impossible to allow their complete extinction in any case. The fact is that the lives of many other animals and even plants depend on them. You can read about what a nightmare will happen to our planet with the extinction of cockroaches in this material.