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What kind of alcohol can be consumed during a diet?

Although the dangers of alcohol have long been known, scientistsFor a long time they were convinced that small doses of some varieties of wine can be useful not only for the cardiovascular system, but also for weight loss during the diet. To refute this, experts conducted a number of studies, the results of which are unlikely to please you. It turns out that even the smallest amount of alcohol has an extremely harmful effect not only on the human nervous system, but also on the harmonious proportions of his body. But maybe this rule has its exceptions?

Alcohol in any amount negatively affects the body

Can I drink alcohol while dieting?

The main component of any diet isreduced calories from food. Regardless of the type of diet itself, which can have various names, its main goal is not only weight loss, but also preservation of health, which is why drinking alcohol during the diet is initially not entirely correct. But what to do losing weight people who find it difficult to abandon the uplifting drinks? According to one of the articles on the portal, experts recommend that you follow a number of rules so that alcohol can not significantly affect your diet.

One of the key points that harm your dietis the addition of various syrups, soda and tonics to an alcoholic beverage, since it is sweet cocktails that can significantly increase the calorie content of the fluid used. One cocktail drink may contain a daily dose of sugar, exceeding which, you can immediately slow down the process of losing weight and even cause negative health effects.

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If with cocktails everything can be more or lessit is clear how things are with wine, you ask? Despite the fact that the wine does not have a pronounced sweet taste, it also contains sugar, which, in turn, increases the calorie content of the product. Given this fact, some scientists believe that the use of 200 gr. wine can have a positive effect on the body. So, for example, experts say that wine improves the intestinal microflora, can significantly lower cholesterol and help with some chronic diseases. It is also known that grapes, or rather its shell, have many useful substances, such as antioxidants or polyphenols, which directly affect our well-being.

Red wine can help prevent heart disease

Drinking one glass of wine at dinnerobviously, it will not be able to harm the body, but your diet - easily. Since one glass of wine contains about 121-125 calories, which is equivalent to a portion of vegetable salad, a person can quietly get out of the recommended daily intake of kilocalories recommended to him, thereby putting an end to his efforts to lose weight. However, if suddenly one day you decide to switch to a beer diet, then most likely, such a decision is unlikely to be perceived by your environment as an effective tool in the fight against excess weight. Despite the fact that beer drinks have an anti-inflammatory effect due to the flavonoids contained in them, scientists are convinced that the harm from drinking this alcohol drink significantly exceeds the benefit.

To brighten up your stay at leastdiet, experts recommend drinking alcohol only in case of exception, regarding a glass of wine or champagne as a substitute for a light dessert. In other words, if you suddenly decide to switch to a healthy lifestyle or lose weight, then alcohol, definitely, is not your assistant in this matter.