What is wrong with the autonomous truck from Studio Lebedev?

Loaders and truckers risk losing theirwork, because in the near future they will be able to completely replace robots and trucks with automatic driving system. American companies have been developing them for more than a year, and very successfully - there are already strong movers in the world, and the Volvo unmanned truck has already begun to fulfill orders. Work on the creation of trucks that do not need a driver is being carried out in Russia - designer Artemy Lebedev showed how they can look.

Art. Lebedev Studio is known fordesigned the logo of the Bolshoi Theater and collaborated with companies such as Gazprom, Yandex and Microsoft. The studio’s works are often criticized (surely everyone has seen the “John Fedor” burger logo), but this does not prevent it from taking millions of rubles for its work and receiving prestigious awards. For example, in 2010, Lebedev's studio received the Reddot Design Award for the idea of ​​installing large monitors on the backs of trucks. It was believed that they could show cars going in front of the truck behind what was going on in front of the car, so that the drivers of cars could more easily overtake.

Artemy Lebedev truck

Own version of unmanned vehicles forfreight transportation studio called "Gruzovikus." She positions it as the transport of the future — he, like a regular truck, is capable of pulling heavy trailers behind him, but does not have a driver's seat. Instead, on the front of the car there is a streamlined screen that divides the oncoming airflow into two parts that wash the dirt from the containers while moving (the editors do not understand what magic forces will “wash away the dirt” this account your thoughts).

In addition, the additional load on the frontaxle makes the truck more stable on the road. Inside it, apparently, batteries and a computer will be located, which with the help of cameras and sensors will monitor the road and deliver the cargo to the right place, carefully circling the cars and obstacles. According to the designers, “Gruzovikus” will greatly reduce the cost of transportation, because it works on electricity and does not need rest - one battery charge should be enough to overcome 200 kilometers. But the Tesla truck will have enough of it for as much as 800 kilometers.

Unmanned truck from Volvo

While Gruzovikus is justpatterned, the American company Volvo has already developed a working truck called the Vera. It is much smaller in size because it has no streamlined screen. Due to this, while driving, the oncoming air flows practically do not prevent him from picking up speed - only a trailer following him can create resistance.

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It is possible that the streamlined screen of the truckArtemy Lebedev will create even greater air resistance, and designers should completely abandon it. According to the head of the media group, Mikhail Korolev, because of the emerging resistance, the truck will consume quite a lot of energy, which will reduce the distance it can travel from a single charge. According to the designers, the separated air flows will wash away the dirt from the containers - but is it not wiser to pay less money for washing than to sacrifice the battery charge?

Russian unmanned truck

To create a design studio took 43 days. Who will develop such a truck, and whether it will ever appear on the roads is still unknown. At the moment, the company KAMAZ is developing unmanned trucks in Russia. In 2015, she presented an unmanned version of the KamAZ-5350 model, which is able to distinguish road markings, signs and pedestrians. The company's director, Sergey Kogogin, had previously stated that they would start using unmanned trucks in 2019, but they would not go on sale yet.

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