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What is time and is it possible to change its speed?

Time is like air. We live in it and do not even think about what it is and how to use it. However, this is a very complex thing that underlies everything. No wonder there is a phrase “space and time”. With space, everything is clear - here it is. Before work, 10 kilometers by car, and to the store 300 meters on foot. That's just the time in this way will be very relative. But what is it all about and is it fair to say that time is infinite and always has been? Can I touch the time? Maybe it can be stopped or reversed? People often ask all these questions to each other and to themselves. Let's try to answer at least some of them.

Everyone has time. But just what time is it?


  • 1 What is time?
  • 2 What gives an understanding of time
  • 3 Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity
  • 4 Is time travel possible
  • 5 Do we understand time

What is time?

Usually, by time we mean thatcounted by the hands of the clock and what we always lack. At the same time, it is believed that time is divided into the past, present and future. With the first and last it is clear, but is there a present?

Any microscopic fraction of time about whichwe will try to say how about the present, it will already be the past. It turns out that the present, as such, does not exist. It is only what we are used to call it, that is, a very broad concept in the spirit of “our days”. It can include periods from several months to several years and even thousands of years, if we speak, for example, of the existence of the Universe or the formation of our planet.

One definition of time states that this is what causes all events to occur simultaneously.

However, many scientists still perceive time,as a progression in which the future becomes the present, and the present becomes the past, and this process is continuous. Even if our Sun explodes, time will still not stop and will continue to exist. It’s just not for us.

Why is quarantine faster?

What gives an understanding of time

And time is fundamental to understandingwhat is dynamics. Only having an idea of ​​time, we can talk about events that develop at a certain speed. After all, it is considered completely normal to ask when something happened and how long this or that phenomenon lasted. It turns out that time is like space - these are coordinates, but not points on the map of when it was. There is only one difference. On the map you can walk anywhere, but in time - only one way. It is this property of time that is the main mystery over which scientists fight and build their hypotheses of science fiction.

Fiction writers often raise the theme of time, since the flight of fantasy in this direction cannot be stopped.

People perceive time more or less in the same way, as the usual clock ticks at the same speed. However, this is true only for classical physics. Quantum physics claims the opposite. and says that the system becomes active only when it is being watched. That is, in some way, it is quantum physics that does not exclude the possibility of time reversal.

A bit of humor from physics, which explains something.

Can two black holes at once rotate in the center of the Milky Way?

Theory of Relativity Albert Einstein

At one time, Albert Einstein showed the world the theoryrelativity that you probably heard about. It completely changes the typical idea of ​​time and a look at it. According to this theory, the progression of time is not universal. Speaking quite simply, according to this theory, a watch runs at a different speed depending on whose hand it is wearing.

If the owner of the watch is unusualHis situation, for example, will move at the speed of light or will be next to a strong source of gravitational waves - for example, next to a black hole - time will go different for him. In some situations, it may even stop or even reverse.

The theory of relativity suggests that anyevents can affect only those events that occur after them. But this does not contradict the movement of time, as a vector of a physical quantity, in the opposite direction. In this case, already the events of the future will be in the past with respect to the “one who wears the watch”.

Simply put, in such a situation the perception of habitual physical processes is changing and a person in such a place may notonly to observe time, but also to move along it as in ordinary space - left, right, forward, backward and so on. That is, relativity equalizes time and space, endowing them with the same properties.

The greatest minds of the world are struggling to unravel the mysteries of time, but they have not achieved anything so far.

Is time travel possible?

There is also the concept of T-symmetry when phenomena andthe quantities by which they are presented do not depend on the coordinate scale, and when the positive value changes to a negative curve on the graph, it becomes mirrored. In the theory of relativity, despite such differences from the familiar world, this rule also persists.

Einstein's general theory of relativity: four steps taken by a genius.

Interestingly, in disputes about the possibility of travelin time, thermodynamics intervene in the opposite direction, which says that all processes in the world are moving from an ordered system to chaos, that is, an increase in entropy. This process cannot be reversed. That is, exploding stars cannot be “glued” back, and a rotten sheet of iron can be turned into a new one. Simply put, "it is impossible to crank the meat back and you cannot recover meat from it."

If they could, maybe we could one day?

As a result, it’s rude to say that time is for usthis is the time that is on Earth. If we begin to travel in space beyond the nearest planets, we will have to understand what time is and how it is changing. Although, formally, on insignificant fractions of a second there are deviations on the Earth. This is even taken into account when creating some ultra-precise systems and atomic clocks.

Do we understand the time

In general, humanity is still poorly aware thatsuch a time, in fact, and all that has been said is only theories and hypotheses. So far, we have not been able to reach the sources of gravitational waves, although we were able to fix them.

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For the time being we only know that itgeometric parameter characterizing the duration of the processes. It is part of the space-time continuum and the fourth axis of the familiar three-dimensional world. Oh yes ... Another thing is that this is a damn interesting and incomprehensible thing. As they say, nothing is clear, but very interesting.