What is the weather on Mars? You can find out for yourself.

The colonialists of Mars will have to dress warmly,because the day on the surface of the planet truly reigns winter weather, and at night the temperature drops to a critical point. This became known thanks to the InSight probe, which sat on the Red Planet at the end of 2018 to study its internal structure. To obtain the most pure results, it is important for researchers to monitor the weather, so the device is equipped with temperature sensors, wind speed and pressure. Using the data they collect, NASA launched a special site where you can learn about the weather on Mars at any time.

Weather data is needed by researchers forartificially eliminating noise that occurs when measuring temperature and wind blows. Without this process, seismic data would not be accurate enough, and researchers are interested in the most accurate information. To keep distortion to a minimum, in early February, InSight even covered its equipment with a protective dome.

TWINS temperature and wind sensors are located ontop of the machine. The information they collect is now published on a special NASA website with up-to-date weather information on Mars. Thanks to him, it is already known that on February 17, the weather on the surface of the planet was rather unpleasant - the air temperature did not exceed -17 degrees Celsius, and the wind speed reached 37 meters per second.

Did you know that I send to Earth dailyweather report on mars? Recently, the maximum temperature is below zero. And the night ones ... Well, let's just say that I am glad that I took the thermal blanket with me. Brr!

NASA, on behalf of the InSight Martian probe

In addition to the fact that the device monitors the weather, it also drills a 5-meter hole on the surface of the planet. It is necessary to study the heat flux inside Mars.

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