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What is the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly and why is it dangerous for everyone

There are many places on our planet that are consideredmystical. Some of them became so because of popular beliefs or a combination of circumstances, but there are those where strange things are really observed that scientists can fix, but can not explain. Perhaps this is an ordinary stage in the development of the planet, but it is also possible that this is evidence of the imminent death of all that is on Earth. In the anomaly, which will be discussed today, not only deviations from ordinary values ​​are observed, but there are signs of a violation of the protection of our planet from very aggressive cosmic effects. So far, scientists have found a way to put up with this, but how long will such measures last?

Anomalies are found in many places, but the South Atlantic magnetic anomaly is the most serious.


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South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly

This zone cannot be called something mystical andshrouded in legends, such as the Bermuda Triangle and the Sea of ​​the Devil. In this case, we are really dealing with an anomaly, which is very clearly fixed by physicists, but cannot yet be explained by them.

It all started in 2009, when the airline’s flightAir France, which followed the route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris 4 hours after departure, disappeared from the radar and never contacted again. The search operation lasted several months, but in the end the wreckage was discovered and experts began to study them.

The investigation revealed an interesting fact. In the end, one version said that the equipment crash was the cause of the crash due to the strong exposure to radiation.

Aircraft from airlines such as Air France just do not disappear.

This fact was not given importance untiluntil in 2011, the Koro space telescope, flying above the Earth at an altitude of 1000 km and taking measurements of the proton flux, found some oddities in their behavior.

Some people can hear the Earth’s magnetic field.

The problem was taken seriously and found out that suchthere is indeed a strange behavior, and it is precisely in the place where the Air France board disappeared from the radar, the protons pass much closer to the planet's surface than in other places. As a result, this place was called the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly.

Where is the largest magnetic anomaly?

South atlantic magnetic anomaly whichsometimes called the Brazilian Magnetic Anomaly, located in the southern hemisphere and covers part of the Atlantic Ocean and the territory of South America. This has been confirmed by accurate measurements. It has also been established that the area of ​​this anomaly is 7.8 million square kilometers.

The magnetic field has made our life what it is.

Not only air traffic, but also water navigation, and even the trajectory of space satellites of the Earth pass through this zone.

What happens in the Brazilian magnetic anomaly

If you do not complicate everything with terms, then you canto say that the protection of our planet from very active solar radiation begins at a distance of about 60,000 kilometers from its surface. It is at this distance that the atmosphere and magnetic fields are already beginning to struggle with the rays emitted by the Sun.

At such a distance, our planet is struggling withelectrons. Protons go further. Approximately up to 1300-1500 km from the surface of the planet. And only in the region of the anomaly that we are talking about today, they go even further - up to about 200 km from the Earth’s surface.

Why doesn't the moon have its own magnetic field?

As a result, most exposedprotons are not even ground objects or planes that are significantly below the critical level, but satellites and space telescopes that fly at an altitude of about 2000 kilometers. As a result of this effect, unprotected electronics may start to work incorrectly or even fail. In order to avoid this, for a few minutes some orbital apparatuses turn off part of their equipment.

Even the Hubble is exposed to the sun.

How did the South Atlantic Magnetic Anomaly appear?

The appearance of the anomalous magnetic zone is difficult to explain, but many scientists agree that this is a harbinger of serious changes in the Earth's magnetic field.

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Many have already said that the poles will soonswap places and the likelihood of such an outcome no longer seems something fantastic. This is more than real. Moreover, this has happened more than once in the history of our planet. Studying igneous rocks and their structure, scientists have confirmed that periodic pole displacement is the norm and occurs approximately once every 100-200 thousand years. At the same time, they note that the last time such a shift was approximately 600-800 thousand years ago. That is, it can happen anytime. Maybe in 1000 years, maybe in 2000 years, maybe later ... Or maybe earlier.

Everyone will suffer from this, but this does not mean the death of all life on the planet. Our ancestors and other organisms before them experienced similar shocks, but they had to strain.

The magnetic field of the Sun can be 10 times stronger than previously thought.

First of all, it will go to those animalswho feel the fields of the Earth and are guided by them during seasonal migration. It will not be hard for us either, since magnetic storms can greatly harm all our technical means, including satellites and communications.

The sun seems to want to kill us, but the Earth says that we should not be touched and is trying to protect us. Well, or just coincided.

Changing, the magnetic field must first verygreatly reduced, and then reappear, but in other places. At this moment, the field will not protect us from the Sun, but this is not so critical, since the atmosphere of our planet will cope with this.

Additional evidence that they are comingbig magnetic changes are the observations of scientists who indicate that over the past 150 years the Earth's magnetic field has reduced its intensity by 10%. At the same time, the North Pole shifts each year by 20-40 kilometers. There is even reasoning and indistinct evidence that there used to be an African magnetic anomaly that shifted and merged with the South Atlantic.

Magnetic field strength Is a value that shows the number of magnetic field lines passing through 1 square centimeter of the cross section of the field.

Explain such a quick magnetic displacementActivity is difficult, as it is created by internal processes taking place in the center of the Earth. It is believed that if they are completely stopped, the field should change very slowly and it should be enough for another 7-12 thousand years. Against this background, such dramatic changes for only hundreds of years seem strange. Most likely, we simply don’t know something or simply cannot explain. Actually, this is what the word “anomaly” says.