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What is the probability of contracting coronavirus in everyday life?

This is some kind of madness! Today, an avalanche of information about the coronavirus, which often contradicts each other, is falling upon us from all sides. It is almost impossible for an ordinary person to separate the grain from the chaff. Scientists of all stripes make contradictory statements, and we just have to choose a position that is closer or go crazy with the flow of information. This is the flip side of information accessibility. To date, there is no single body that everyone would recognize, and which would be the authority in providing information. Even WHO was criticized by the American authorities and lost funding from them. So how do you behave if you go out and are forced to come into contact with people or objects that people touch? Let's speculate and try to find a solution that takes into account the opinion of all scientists.

How to protect yourself during a pandemic?

To date, there are two hypotheses: the first is that the coronavirus is kept on the surface of objects one to five days. In principle, this version is considered official andon the basis of it, the governments of all countries are committed to disinfecting all kinds of surfaces in cities (you probably saw a lot of videos on this topic). But there is an alternative opinion, which claims that a virus that has appeared on the surface is no longer a threat and is in a dead state.

Determine which of the rights of scientists we can not. Logic suggests that both versions may be correct. Too few studies have been done so far to be sure of one position.

However, let us be prudent. If half the scientists claim that coronavirus can be transmitted through household items - we should listen to this. When it hit only China, the mortality rate was about 3%. Take a look at the statistics numbers today. EU, US and Russia show mortality rates of 10%.

Those. at least one in 10 people with a confirmed diagnosis will die. And how many die without a coronavirus test?

Another aspect is social distance. Today it is generally accepted around the world that a distance of 1.5-2 meters is optimal for preventing the spread of coronavirus. But is it really so? Let's think it over.

Coronavirus Jogging

So imagine you joggingduring a pandemic. You run through the park and keep a distance of 1.5 meters from the front of the runner. It would seem that you are complying with all the requirements of WHO and the government, but there is one “but”. If the front runner coughs or sneezes, you will reach his “aerosol cloud” within 1-2 seconds. This will be enough to get the virus on your mucous membrane (eyes, mouth, nose) and you will become infected. Scientists advise to observe at least four meters when jogging, but this may not be enough.

Aerosol cloud - This is a cloud that we exhale during natural breathing. It may be worse when sneezing or coughing.

As for the surfaces we are forced totouch, then this issue has not yet been studied. Are we able to get infected by touching the escalator's handrail or by opening the door to a public place? No answer. To date, only one thing is known for certain that the virus can enter our body through the mucous membranes (nose, mouth, eyes). If we can protect ourselves from getting a coronavirus on them, then there are not so many chances to get sick.

However, the problem of excess information is nowheregone. Each of us was faced with the fact that their relatives and friends threw off video clips or messages about “the world going into the abyss” (in different interpretations) in the WhatsApp chat (for some reason this is the most trash for such messages). For the most part, no one wants to turn on the head and analyze, this is not interesting. Where it is easier to send such messages further on your contact list and sow panic in your head.

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I do not know when and how the current will endthe situation, and no one knows. But now the main thing is to keep a sober and cold head, not succumbing to provocation. Everything passes and this will pass. The only question is how well we will transfer the current situation and with what bonuses we will get out of it.