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What is the most poisonous tree in the world dangerous to humans?

Relax right now and imagine that youmiraculously ended up on one of the islands of the Caribbean and walk along the beach. Shells, coconuts and some fruits scattered across the ground resemble apples. You feel that these fruits smell very sweet and you want to bite off at least a small piece. But will you do it? If not, you can be praised for your quick wits. If you think that you would decide to try an unknown fruit, then you would immediately feel a burning pain in your throat and, in the end, you could die. And all because this fruit would surely belong to the so-called mancinella tree (Hippomane mancinella), which is considered one of the most poisonous in the world. But why is it so dangerous?

It looks like the fruit of the mancinella tree

About the terrible properties of wood, which alsoknown as the “beach apple,” was written in the science publication ScienceAlert. As a rule, it grows in the islands of the Caribbean Sea, as well as in some regions of the United States. This tree is included in the Guinness Book of Records as the most dangerous in the world, because all its parts are poisonous and deadly to humans. In particular, thick juice, which is released from the bark, leaves and fruits similar to apples, has deadly properties. If it comes into contact with the skin, the juice causes severe, bubbly burns, and if swallowed, it can lead to death.

Deadly tree

The most dangerous substance in juiceThe mancinella tree is considered the so-called phorbol. It is well soluble in water, so a person can get severe harm from a tree, even just standing under it in the rain. Because of this, in many places where the poisonous plant grows, there are fences with warning signs.

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Someone might say that people should justcut down these trees, but they have many benefits. For example, in some regions, thickets of mancinella save people from the wind, and Caribbean carpenters have dried its wood for many centuries, neutralize the effects of toxic juice and use it in construction. Perhaps due to the neutralization of the danger of the tree, its wood even costs more than usual.

It looks like a mancinella tree

But the greatest danger to human lifethreatens when he decides to eat the fruits of the mancinella tree. It is known that they cause severe vomiting and diarrhea, which dehydrate the body and can lead to death. In 1999, radiologist Nikola Strickland, who visited the Caribbean island of Tobago, nearly died due to eating the “beach apple”. Once she went to the beach to collect shells and corals, but found apples that were sweet in smell. However, they tasted completely sweet and began to burn her throat. Fortunately, the woman tried only a small piece of the fetus, so she felt relieved after eight hours.

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According to the locals, afterWhen the juice of a tree hits the body, a person feels just awful. Poisonous substances tend to penetrate the lymph nodes and literally cause agony and suffering.