What is the flight of design thought capable of: ceramic guards at home

Among the designer devices, a funny lineup called Savannah, or "Savannah" appeared. This refers to a city in the United States, in the state of Georgia.

These are conceptual smart products for home security, which are a Bluetooth speaker, Wi-Fi, a camera, a sensor for reading the position of a window, a door.

Designers Cecilia Vellio, Alessandro Pomponio and Francesco Isaiah did a great job of giving each of the gadgets a look reminiscent of Savannah animals.

Lovely ceramic cases remotely resemble mice, dogs, cats, elephants and rhinos. And some devices are generally a separate piece of land, a mini-diorama.

For example, a router looks like a field of trees. The smoke sensor resembles a slug, and the Bluetoot module seems to be torn out of a desert covered with dunes.

It is difficult to say how much the concept will help in the future in the fight against robbers, but even at the initial stage it looks extremely fresh.

After the start of production, the Savannah systemit is planned to expand with other means of protection, but at the moment it is too early to make any assumptions about the release date. Moreover, even the most promising projects sometimes do not live up to implementation.