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What is SBPey, how to pay with it on iPhone and will it replace Apple Pay in Russia

Two weeks ago, Apple Pay was de facto disabled in Russia. Despite the fact that Apple has not officially confirmed this, iPhone payment doesn't go anywhere else. Everyone solved this problem in their own way. Some bought a cardholder for iPhone on Aliexpress, in which they put a bank card. Others temporarily moved to Android, where Mir Pay and SberPay work without interruption. And still others decided to wait for the launch of the SBPey contactless payment service, which will also work on iOS. It remains only to find out how.

SBPay will allow you to pay with your iPhone, but Apple Pay will definitely not replace


Actually the service SBPey is already launched and successfully works both on iOS and onAndroid. The App Store even has his app. True, using it is even more inconvenient than you can imagine. Despite this, in a couple of days the service will work in full force and can be used for pay for purchases instead of Apple Pay.

What is SBPey

Paying with a QR code is not as convenient as using NFC, but at least 1% more profitable in terms of money, but there will be no cashback

SBPey is not an abbreviation for SberPayas many people think. This is a completely different product, albeit focused on paying for purchases by phone. The name SBPey comes from Fast payment systems, which allows you to transfer money by phone number, but you should pay for purchases through it differently.

Unlike SberPay, which uses NFC technology when paying at the checkout, SBPey uses a system of QR codes. This works the same both online and offline. Just point the camera, scan the QR code, which contains information with the details of the recipient and the payment amount, and confirm the transaction.


But how is that, you ask? After all, the application of almost every bank already has a built-in function payment by QR from the Fast Payments System. Yes this is true. But, SBPey has a number of advantages over direct payment from a bank client:

  • Allows you to pay for purchases via the link;
  • Combines all banks at once like Apple Pay;
  • Does not require a bank card.

Now the system of fast payments and QR payment from their own applications supportsmore than 80 Russian banks. But many of them directly ignore the SBPey, even though about 60 credit organizations have already connected to it. However, starting June 1, payment service support will become mandatory for everyone, so you can install the sbpay app, combine the accounts of all banks that you use in it, and pay for purchases by selecting the desired account before paying.

SBPey - how to use

SBPay supports fewer popular banks than Apple Pay

At the moment, SBPay is supported by more than 60Russian banks. I will not list them all, if you wish, you can find their list on the SBP website. However, I will say that most of the banks popular with Russians are not yet in the system. That is, neither Sberbank, nor Tinkoff Bank, nor RSHB, nor HCF, nor Alfa, nor Raiffeisenbank are here. Apparently, they will connect directly after June 1.

Is it convenient to use sbpay on iphone? I guess, yes. I have already tried to pay them and was satisfied. Payment is fast, there is no need to link the card, which means that there is no risk that it will be stolen if you pay on an unfamiliar site, and in some places pay by QR give a discount in 1%. For example, such an offer is valid on Wildberries and on the Red and White network. True, there will be no cashback in this case either, and SBPay does not support credit cards.


Despite the fact that for payment by sbpay you need a QR code, the distribution of the service turned out to be quite wide. Such payments are accepted in many catering establishments, in parks and retail chains. Just say you want to pay purchase through the Fast Payment System, if you see the corresponding banner at the checkout, or ask the seller, do they accept QR payment.

Is it convenient? In general, yes, it's better than carrying a card with you, but there were some negative points:

  • Firstly, many cashiers in stores, as it turned out, still have little idea how to accept payments via QR, so they are sometimes stupid when you talk about the desire to pay with SBPey;
  • Secondly, payment by QR requires the mandatory use of debit accounts, because credit accounts are not supported, but even in this case, cashback is not credited - it is replaced by a 1% discount;
  • Thirdly, it is not yet very clear how thereturn money for purchases paid for by QR. They return automatically to Wildberries. But how it works offline remains to be seen;
  • Fourth, for payment by SBPey, whatever one may say,requires more actions than with Apple Pay. You need to launch the application, select a payment account, and then scan the QR and confirm the payment.