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What is more useful: rice or buckwheat?

While the whole world is panicking about coronavirus andmassively buying rice and buckwheat, we at Hi-News asked ourselves which of these cereals is more beneficial for consumption during a coronavirus pandemic. And, although rice and buckwheat are rich in carbohydrates, fiber and other useful substances, there are some distinguishing features between them. For example, one of these cereals is completely safe for all people, and the other may be contraindicated in the presence of certain diseases. So what is better to stock up on the time of the impending quarantine? Let's try to figure it out together in this article.

Buckwheat or rice?

Rice and buckwheat - cereals grown inin vivo. Having a large energy reserve, these cereals carry a large amount of nutrients needed by the body, which is why both crops are often used in diets for weight loss, as well as to cleanse the body of toxins. Both rice and buckwheat contain a large amount of starch, potassium, magnesium and B vitamins, which makes both cultures a real storehouse of useful substances. But which of the cereals is more useful?

Cereal Is a plant popular in agriculture,which grow on all continents of the Earth. There are two types of cereals even in cold Antarctica - this is the Antarctic pike (on the left) and the annual bluegrass (on the right).

Buckwheat Benefits

Buckwheat porridge has its own fans,and those who can’t stand it. Be that as it may, scientists are very benevolent about her. According to a number of studies, buckwheat not only helps to lose weight, but also improves the state of the circulatory system, gives strength to the body and even helps to calm down. So, the choline contained in buckwheat is indicated for depression and prolonged stress.

You can significantly reduce the level of stress hormones in the body if for some time you eat exclusively buckwheat

The main advantage of buckwheat may be thatit contains virtually no harmful substances. This simple fact makes cereals a pretty good product, with which you can not only successfully wait for the end of the declared pandemic, but even significantly improve your health. Such a positive quality is achieved due to the high degree of unpretentiousness of this cereal crop, which during cultivation does not require additional fertilizers and pesticides.

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Buckwheat vegetable protein, connecting withother dietary proteins, forms a large number of amino acids that reduce cholesterol in the body and remove toxins from it. It is believed that the use of buckwheat has a positive effect on the body with problems with immunity, with diseases of the heart and blood vessels. It is not surprising: buckwheat grains contain a lot of nicotinic acid, which is useful for the brain, vitamins A, D and E, as well as trace elements important for humans, such as magnesium, calcium, iodine and iron. You can read more about the benefits of buckwheat and its fiber in this article.

The benefits of rice

Rice, which was about 300 years agoan important component of the diet of residents of only Asian countries, is currently the main food for half the population of our planet. Currently, there are more than 10,000 types of rice, each of which is used in the preparation of unique dishes: from ordinary rice porridge to sushi and rolls, and even rice tea. Such a high popularity can be explained by the incredible nutritional value of cereals, as well as the almost complete absence of fats in it. Including a large group of vitamins and minerals, rice is used not only for the preparation of side dishes, but even for cosmetic purposes, having a positive effect on the skin of the face and hands. And who knows, maybe rice is the very elixir of youth that allows Asians to remain young for many years?

Rice can be a good food option in order to be able to successfully survive the global pandemic

Be that as it may, survive the coronavirusthe rice epidemic can help you, if only because this cereal, which is universal in use, contains large amounts of ascorbic and nicotinic acids, biotin, calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. However, rice has a drawback that buckwheat does not have: starch, which is contained in a small amount in rice, turns into glucose when it enters the stomach, which makes rice cereal dangerous for diabetics.

The most useful grits

Summing up, we can confidently say thatbuckwheat has several more beneficial properties compared to rice, if only because it can be used without problems for health by diabetics. However, if you suddenly decided to switch to a buckwheat diet and eat only this cereal, then I hasten to warn you against this reckless step. Eating super-healthy buckwheat in any case does not replace the full use of a variety of foods, which should include not only cereals, but also fresh fruits and vegetables, meat and other foods familiar to us. In general, about proper nutrition from the point of view of science, you can read right now in our special material.