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What is known about a new mysterious disease in Africa?

Mid-November 2020 in Africanthe state of Senegal, there was an outbreak of a mysterious disease. At the moment, about 700 people already suffer from skin irritation, fever and other unpleasant symptoms. Many of the patients are fishermen who have fished in the Atlantic Ocean region between Rufisk and Mbour. They have already been quarantined and scientists are trying to understand what caused the mysterious disease. It is already quite clear to them that ocean water is involved in this matter. However, there is a possibility that the disease can be transmitted from person to person. Some researchers already put forward very plausible assumptions about the causes of the disease, so I propose to consider them and find out what it is all about.

All people infected with a mysterious disease are fishermen. Fortunately, no deaths have been reported yet

Mysterious disease in Africa

Told about the outbreak of a mysterious diseasenews agency Reuters. According to Ousmane Gueye, head of the health department, most of the infected are adult men, but some of them are teenagers. They all recently fished in one of the areas of the Atlantic Ocean. The first case of the disease was recorded on November 12, but the news received wide publicity only on the 17th. The first case was a 20-year-old fisherman who sought help with a skin rash, facial swelling, dry lips and eye irritation.

African fishing port

Researchers are already convinced that in humans dermatitis associated with some kind of infectious disease. Dermatitis is usually called an inflammatory skin lesion that occurs due to chemical, physical or biological effects. Also, many patients develop scabs on the face, hands, feet, and even genitals. Many people have a high body temperature, which is why they have a headache. Scab is a temporary tissue that forms on wounds and is inherently clotted blood. It protects wounds from bacteria and dirt.

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Causes of the disease

The authorities do not want to frighten the population, because onat the moment they don't even know what they are dealing with. But they also acknowledge that people need to know that something strange is happening in Africa. At the moment, people are advised not to come into contact with water, especially dirty water. Whether the disease can be transmitted from person to person, scientists do not yet know. But, just in case, the patients were quarantined in the Rüfisk hospital.

News coverage of events in Africa

Doubt that the focus of the disease isthe water of the Atlantic Ocean is practically nonexistent. The Senegalese Navy has pledged to take water samples and send them to a laboratory for careful examination. Some foreign publications write that the cause of the disease could be microbes or chemicals that are contained in dirty water. According to videos and photographs from the Internet, the water with which the fishermen came into contact is very polluted. Heaps of garbage and dead fish swim in it.

Mort de milliers de poissons et autres espèces au niveau du marigot de Mbao.

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At the time of this writing, new information aboutthere is no mysterious disease. There is a possibility that people have actually come into contact with contaminated water. The fact that irritation appears on the face and limbs, perhaps they touched them with dirty hands. It can also be assumed that the cause of irritation is algae, which in 2020 already managed to get a bad reputation. The fact is that elephants died in Africa in summer for unknown reasons. Ultimately it turned out that they were in contact with water contaminated with dangerous algae.

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