What is doomsday watch? Little Known Facts and Opinions

More than sure that many of you have heard aboutDoomsday Clock is the ominous name of some obscure clock that constantly translates closer to midnight. In fact, this is a more interesting phenomenon than the periodic mention in news reports. In addition, the clock is not only moving forward, there have been adjustments in the opposite direction. What does it depend on, what kind of hours are they when they appeared, and why should they not be afraid? We will answer all questions in this article.

A colorful scenario of the destruction of everything on earth


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What is doomsday watch?

You might think that the doomsday clock is realwatches that stand or hang somewhere. In reality, they exist only on the cover of a magazine that is a project of the University of Chicago. In fact, they carry in themselves not even time, but mathematical probability. Midnight on the clock means a nuclear disaster and, in fact, the end of the world. The closer the clock to this mark, the more likely a sad outcome. Sometimes the clock is set back. The fact that the movement of the arrows is not one-sided is an additional confirmation that their position indicates precisely the probability of an end, and not an imminent imminent end. The clock does not count, but makes it clear when the probability of the end of the world is above all.

Oddly enough, the watches were invented by those peoplewho invented the atomic bomb. It was then, in 1947, that they were set to 23:53, but very quickly transferred to 23:57, when in 1949 the Soviet Union tested its first atomic bomb.

The enchanting beauty of death

The question is why the clock at the very beginning wasset at 23:53. You won’t like the answer ... It was done just like that. Just someone decided that it was exactly 7 minutes before a nuclear disaster - it looks beautiful. That is why on the cover of the Bulletin there was a watch with this time on the dial. No hidden meaning.

An example of peaceful, albeit stupid use of nuclear weapons: Donald Trump proposes to deal with hurricanes with nuclear bombs

In the first years of the watch’s existence, the decisionthe translation was solely accepted by the editor-in-chief of the magazine. After his death in 1973, the decision is made by the Science and Security Council. This council includes experts and scientists from completely different fields of science. We can say that this way the watch has become more accurate.

What time is the doomsday clock

Shifting the arrows 4 minutes ahead in 1949 did notbrought the clock to the nearest point from the end of the world. Only 4 years after this, the United States and the USSR at about the same time tested thermonuclear bombs. Then the clock was transferred to 23:58. True later, they were twice translated five minutes ago. It happened in 1960 and 1963.

In the first case, this was due to awarenessthe world community the dangers of uncontrolled use of atomic weapons. Awareness was expressed in a large number of statements by various political figures on this subject. In the second case, the USA and the USSR signed an agreement banning the testing of nuclear weapons. The Caribbean Crisis didn’t even stop translating hours ago. Tension rose quickly, but also quickly subsided. The publication simply did not have time to respond to the threat.

A visual example of how scientists translate doomsday clocks

In the future, the clock also affecteda clash of interests in Vietnam, and India testing its first nuclear bomb, and much more. The safest was 1991, when the United States and the USSR signed an agreement on the reduction of strategic weapons. This marked the end of the Cold War and allowed the clock to set at 23:43.

It is worth noting that in addition to the threat of applicationa nuclear strike by one of the parties, the doomsday clock was affected, albeit to a lesser extent, by the ability to repel these attacks. The development of air defense systems eased tensions a little.

The Doomsday Clock is now set to 23:58. This is due to the great tension in the world caused by the clashes in the Middle East, the DPRK’s tests of its nuclear weapons and the trade wars of some countries, the largest of which is the conflict between the USA and China. In addition, not only the situation on the arms market, but also other factors are affecting the doomsday hours.

What affects doomsday watches

As conceived by the watch’s authors, the main factorit was the nuclear threat that affected the position of the shooters. In 2007, the approach has changed a bit. According to the authors of the Bulletin, humanity is slowly but surely moving toward catastrophic climate changes. Now they began to influence the clock. Later, the situation in the society of different countries and some other factors began to be taken into account.

Global warming affects doomsday hours too

Against the background of relative stability in the field of strategic weapons, changes in the time remaining until midnight can be changed just by including new variables in the calculation.

Since 1991, the clock has been translated 9 times, fromwhose arrows only once swayed backward. This happened in 2010, when the United States promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and began negotiations with Russia to sign a new strategic offensive arms (START) treaty.

Since 2017, a new tradition has appeared that the clock should be changed for 30 seconds. The gap is getting smaller until midnight, and you need to reduce the step. It is possible that soon they will translate in 10 seconds, or even one at a time.

Should you be afraid of doomsday hours

Not so long ago on our website there was an article in which I gave examples of promised ends of the world.Then, as an epilogue, I said that the end of the world is inevitable, but it is not necessary to be afraid.At least don't be afraid of him on a specific date.The probability of its occurrence in the infinite future, even in the theory of probability is one hundred percent.Is it easier for you to realize that in many billions of yearsThe sun, like all the stars, will explode and the Earth will comefinally?To be honest, I don't care what happens.

So look like an underwater atomic explosion.

Similarly, don't be afraid that the clock is movinggetting closer to midnight.It's one thing to wave your nuclear fists when the collision is still far away and quite another when the finger is brought over the button.At the helm of the nuclear powers arepeople who understand that after the blow on other members of this club will followIt's going to be over.It doesn't matter what goes on.There are no winners in nuclear war.

I don't know what weapons will be fought in World War III, but in the fourth willAlbertEinstein on the global threat of the use of powerful weapons.

In this scenario, more likely, I believe, the mistake of someone in charge of air defense systems.Although, in this age of technology, there are certainly systems that will not allowjust so one conditional sergeant to make a mistake in a game with such high stakes.

Let's take this option away and move on.We have enough other problems to worry about what we can't change.