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What is Data Science and how to get started with big data

Neural networks and machine learning can be safely calledtrend for the next few years, if not more. What is machine learning? In short, this is a tool that allows you to program systems for automatic training and improvement with the acquisition of new experience. An important aspect of machine learning is the phenomenon of Big Data, or Big Data. Moreover, this amount of data is growing exponentially. For example, biology today has 1 exabyte of genome data, which equals 10 bytes to the 18th degree.

Machine Learning Finds More Applications


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  • 4 What is Deep Learning for?

Where is machine learning applied?

Where machine learning is applied in everydaylife? An elementary example is when you go to a social network and a block with the accounts of people you may know is displayed there. How does the site find out that you are really familiar with this or that person, even if you never visited his page and did not write to him? The system is trained based on an open large data set.

Or here - in 2012, Google conducted an experiment,which used 1000 servers with approximately 16 thousand cores. During the tests, the neural network analyzed 10 million screenshots of various random videos from YouTube, from which it was able to determine the images of cats with a high degree of accuracy. And now, machine learning through the consumption of a large number of images allows us to successfully implement the Google self-driving car project.

Machine Learning Examplesquite a lot, and often it can reveal many mysteries of history. So, in 1962, three prisoners were able to leave Alcatraz, a prison from which it would seem impossible to escape. Investigators decided that the men drowned after fleeing, but after almost 60 years, the neural network from Identv and Rothco, after analyzing millions of photos, “identified” the two criminals in a 1975 photograph.

The same photo where former prisoners were found

You can learn how to work with machine learningonline in a few months - for example, taking the Machine Learning PRO course from SkillFactory. And this is not just a boring course with a bunch of theory (although without it in any way): first of all, you will be taught to evaluate and optimize models and even help to train the first neural networks. In the end, the final hackathon awaits with a real data set like reviews from the Amazon Kindle Store.

What a machine learning course consists of

Who are Data Science Specialists

However, one data set is not enough, even ifmany. You must be able to process it for subsequent use - this is done by specialists in Data Science. To master working with data, you do not need to be a programmer from God or have a degree in computer science. The best Data Scientists gain their skills by constantly working with models and data sets, solving specific problems.

How to get started in Data Science

You can learn the profession of Data Science from scratch -There is also a separate course for this, which, by the way, starts very soon - March 4. You will be taught the basics of Python programming and data analysis, math and statistics for Data Science, Data Engineering and other disciplines. The course is taught by NVIDIA employees, EORA, Yandex.Zen and other industry leaders with many years of experience.

Data Science Courses

As part of the course, you will be helped to develop skills withwhich in the future you will be able to take on the tasks of training the service for speech recognition, identifying fraudulent transactions, forecasting demand for goods and even generating music or poems. To understand how much this area is in demand, just look at the statistics of Data Science on Russian-language and foreign personnel sites.

Data Science Salaries

What is Deep Learning for?

If you are already familiar with Python and machinetraining and want to gain practical skills in programming deep neural networks, pay attention to Deep Learning - a special course on neural networks, which is supported by NVIDIA Corporation.

Teachers will tell you the full path todeep learning - from renting a special GPU server for Deep Learning, up to creating a full-fledged working model for computer vision, natural language analysis and recommendation systems. Learned to work with the frameworks TensorFlow, Keras and others.

This is only part of the in-depth training course program.

For everyone there is an opportunity to change directionand learn new things, whether it’s machine learning or Deep Learning, especially since working with data is now especially in demand and will remain so for many years to come. And according to the promotional code Hi-news You have the opportunity to reserve a place in the group for a course with a 25% discount on tuition (promotion code is valid until 03/27/2020).