What is dangerous for two weeks without physical activity?

Do you think an active lifestyle is enoughare most people on earth? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an adult needs at least 150 minutes of moderately intense exercise per week to maintain good health. However, the results of recent studies have shown that every fourth adult leads an insufficiently active lifestyle. Work at the computer and rare walks, according to experts, may be even more harmful to health than previously thought. According to the results of a recent study, which was devoted to the influence of physical activity on the human body, 14 days without physical activity threaten the development of cardiovascular diseases.

Human body health directly depends on the level of physical activity

What is the danger of a sedentary lifestyle?

It's no secret that physical activitygood for health. As far back as the 1950s, a link between everyday physical activity and health was revealed in a study of London transporters. The results showed that bus drivers were more likely to have a heart attack than their fellow conductors. The main difference between the two groups was that the guides spent their day working on their feet, collecting tolls from passengers, and bus drivers sitting. Since then, physical activity is considered to be a “miracle cure” for cardiovascular diseases. Nevertheless, modern society leads a more sedentary lifestyle than ever in history, and mortality from cardiovascular disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide.

It is necessary to take care of healthy heart and blood vessels

For this reason, the researchers wanted to find outexactly what consequences await those who neglect physical activity. For the study, the experts attracted young subjects (aged 18 to 50 years), without excess weight (BMI less than 30), as well as physically active (this means that the subjects make an average of more than 10 thousand steps per day). After conducting assessments to measure the state of blood vessels, control blood sugar and overall health, the scientists asked the subjects to lead an inactive lifestyle for two weeks. For this, participants were asked not to exceed 1,500 steps per day. Two weeks later, the researchers reevaluated the state of the blood vessels, the blood sugar level and the general health of the subjects in order to find out what effect the two weeks of inactivity had on them. Then the scientists asked the subjects to resume their previous lifestyle. After two weeks, the researchers checked the health markers of the study participants to see if the health indicators returned to their starting point before the study began.

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Scientists have found that after two weeks withoutphysical activity in the subjects showed a decrease in arterial function. To measure it, the researchers used a visualization technique called duct dilatation. It measures how well the arteries expand and contract. Thus, it was found that the onset of cardiovascular disease is affected by the lack of physical activity. Among other things, the results revealed an increased risk of developing diabetes, weight gain, and insulin sensitivity. However, the most important result of the work of scientists is that after two weeks of lack of physical activity, the state of health of the subjects did not return to the indicators before the start of the study.

How to keep your heart healthy?

The results obtained indicate thateven a beach vacation for two weeks or the flu can have a negative impact on health in real conditions. In other words, heart health is at risk in the absence of moderate physical activity. But is it possible to rectify the situation? According to experts, small changes in everyday life can have a significant impact on health - both positive and negative. People should be encouraged to increase their level of physical activity in any way possible, because a simple increase in daily physical activity can bring tangible benefits.

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Walk outdoors more often

You can go out on a daily ten minutea walk during the lunch break, do not sit all 8 hours during the working day, park further from the house or supermarket to walk. We have already told you about the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle on health, so if you are still neglecting your health and not taking time for physical activity, it's time to change that.