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What is around a black hole in the center of the Milky Way?

In addition to many planets and other spaceobjects, the Milky Way galaxy hides in its center a giant black hole, which is almost 5 million times more massive than our Sun! Despite the fact that, compared to other similar objects, this black hole called Sagittarius A * is quite calm, it constantly attracts stars, dust and other matter to its immediate vicinity, forming an ultradense star megalopolis. Fortunately, it is very far from Earth, and for us this black hole is harmless. For the same reason, little is known today about the nature of the mysterious anomaly. Therefore, astronomers decided to give up all their strength and even attracted a supercomputer to create a model of the surroundings of this supermassive black hole. Have you ever wanted to be near such an object? Now you have this opportunity.

Scientists needed help from a NASA supercomputer to show this.

What is in the center of the Milky Way

A group of astronomers from Chile has developed a newA computer model with which you can see how the environment of a giant black hole has changed at a distance of up to 3 light years over the past 500 years. Using the data that was collected during observations in recent years using space and ground-based telescopes, they recreated a real view of what is next to a giant black hole in the center of the Milky Way. All information was processed using a supercomputer NASA HEC (High End Computing), which created the final version of the model.

To observe space objects waseven more interesting, scientists made some changes: for example, in the model the size of the black hole was increased ten thousand times, otherwise it would be very difficult to notice. Also, for a better understanding, astronomers have colored the main cosmic phenomena. So, the X-ray fluxes that occur when powerful stellar winds collide with each other or with gas clouds are shown in blue and blue. And red and yellow highlighted stellar winds containing colder gas. If the blue and red colors in some area overlap each other, it turns purple.

You can see what the center of our galaxy looks like and the giant black hole inside it on a 4-minute video released by the American aerospace agency NASA.

Black hole (frame from the movie Interstellar)

As for the black hole Sagittarius A *, scientistshave made great advances in its study over the past few years. For example, in August 2019, during observations, it became known that the object became 75 times brighter in a few hours! And at the beginning of this year, they noticed that several unusual objects revolve around the central black hole of our galaxy - they look like oblong gas clots several times more massive than the Earth.

Despite its small space standardsthe sizes, detected objects behave like small stars, capable of passing dangerously close to the edge of a black hole, without being torn to pieces. How? Scientists believe that these are both stars and gas clots at the same time!

In fact, even the most eminent astronomers do notthey also know a hundredth of a percent of what this black hole is fraught with. For example, is it possible to get out of a black hole, as the hero Matthew McConaughey did in the movie Interstellar? This issue is often raised in our Telegram chat, and so far no one has been able to dispute that this is really possible. Most likely, not so cinematic, but who knows what is really hiding there, inside?