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What interesting did the Perseverance rover show in the early days on Mars?

The Perseverance rover successfully landed onsurface of the red planet. He has not yet begun to conduct research, because before that NASA needs to check its performance. Fortunately, up to this point, the device managed to take several color photographs and send them to Earth, so we have something to discuss. Thanks to the photographs obtained, the scientists were able not only to make sure that the landing went without problems, but also to learn a little more about the properties of Mars. Of course, these are not such sensational discoveries, but it was still interesting to learn about them. As part of this article, I suggest you take a look at the first color photographs of Mars, taken by the cameras of the Perseverance spacecraft. Also consider the images that were taken by the so-called "sky crane" and the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite.

The Perseverance rover took some interesting photos. Let's study them?

Landing of the Perseverance rover

Perseverance rover sank to the surfaceThe red planet at night on February 18. The landing took place in automatic mode and the transfer of information took 11 minutes, so NASA employees and the whole world in general did not immediately find out about the successful arrival. For the descent of Perseverance to the surface of the planet, the "Sky Crane" braking system was used. This is the same rover that gently lowered the rover with nylon laces. During the descent, he took a picture in which the top of the Perseverance apparatus is visible.

Photo taken by the "sky crane" during the descent of the Perseverance rover

The descent of the Perseverance rover was also monitoredorbital station Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. It was launched into Mars orbit in 2006 and is still in operation. Thanks to him, in 2019 it was found out that under the surface of the north pole of Mars there is a large cache of water ice reserves. It is located at a depth of about 1.5 kilometers - you can read more about it at this link. In one of the last frames taken by the station, you can see how the Perseverance rover descends to the surface of the planet by parachute. Take a closer look and you will see everything.

Photo taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter satellite

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Photos of Mars from Perseverance

Two color shots were taken with Hazcams cameras,which are installed directly into the rover. They are found in almost every rover and are located in front and behind the hull. Their main task is to ensure safety while moving on Mars. The first picture shows the Martian landscape and there is nothing interesting in it, no liquid water, no aliens. But on the surface it is quite possible to notice small holes (especially in the second photo). According to NASA, they could arise for completely different reasons, for example, due to the activity of volcanoes. In this case, the holes appeared due to the escaping gases.

First color photograph taken by the Perseverance rover

The second color image shows the surfaceplanets and part of the Perseverance caterpillar. In this photo, the holes mentioned above are better visible. Another version says that they formed a long time ago, when liquid water existed on Mars. So they can be considered another evidence that once upon a time life existed on Mars and plants grew. It will be even more convincing of this in 2-3 years, when the Perseverance rover will collect soil samples and another device (not yet created) will deliver them to Earth for study.

Apparently, we are talking about these and similar holes.

According to the strategic mission managerMars rover Pauline Hwang, the device does an excellent job of its work. During the performance check, he must take a few more color photographs, including a "selfie". At one time, the Curiosity rover often shared his self-portraits - here is one of these pictures. In order not to miss new photos from the Perseverance rover, subscribe to our Telegram channel. If something unusual is found on them, we will definitely write a detailed article about it.

Where is Perseverance located?

Location of the Perseverance rover

Finally, I want to tell you that recently NASAlaunched an online map that can be used to track the movement of the Perseverance rover. It is marked with a blue icon, and a blue circle marks the territory of the Jezero crater, where the device will conduct research. It is reported that over time, new markers with the route of the rover and interesting finds will appear on the map. The map was created based on data collected from several cameras at once. The mission will be interesting, so let's follow along - here's the link.