What if a Wi-Fi router could read your emotions?

To read any vital signsof the human body, our gadgets use all kinds of sensors, cameras, microphones and even pass harmless electrical impulses through our body. But what would happen if the device could feel us using ordinary radio waves? This is the question that was asked by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. As a result, they even managed to create a kind of Wi-Fi router that can read human emotions.

The developed device is calledEQ-Radio. It sends radio waves, and then picks up their reflections, thereby receiving a variety of data on the physiological state of a person. The device feels our breathing and heartbeat. Add here learning software based on neural networks, and here you have a compact reader of emotions. However, he does not need to see you, hear you or touch you with any sensors. Everything happens completely unnoticed.

The accuracy of the device is quite high. The study involved 30 volunteers. The device analyzed 130,000 of their heart beats and showed only 0.3% of errors. The subjects were asked to recreate various emotions, recalling vivid fragments of their lives, and the algorithm studied the data obtained and learned to distinguish sadness from happiness, anger from sadness, assigning a number of parameters to each state.

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EQ-Radio consumes 1000 times less power,than a regular Wi-Fi router, but it works at the same frequency. The authors of the project claim that such a mechanism is quite possible to integrate into existing routers. And here we have the greatest opportunities. The owners of the studios will be able to study the emotional reaction of the audience in the hall to the new movie, without distracting them from watching. Your smart home will include relaxing music if it feels that the owner is tired. What can I say? After all, something like this can be integrated into a regular smartphone. But whether this technology reaches the consumer, time will tell.